Show today 4:30-7pm ET on WSB & iheartradio

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8 Responses to Show today 4:30-7pm ET on WSB & iheartradio

  1. J.Hary says:

    My post about Iraq disappeared.

    What – are you guys Mockingird or something ?

  2. hardboiledop says:

    I think we know what is happening.

  3. J.Hary says:

    Sorry folks –

    But anything RE war I’ve posted in response to articles – about Iraq, Syria was

    deleted during the last 12 months at prog. sites, I was getting annoyed as I adhered

    to the website guidelines and rules, but was deleted, then banned – really bizarre

    censorship, indeed at common dreams, abby martin, bradblog, democrat

    underground, op-ed news, reader supported news,mike malloy, tom hartman,

    aletho news, ich , delected steve lendman and finian cuningham news links and

    other factual syria democrat warcrimes excerpts

  4. J.Hary says:


    (and those websites are supposedly run by old peaceniks like myself !)

    • austrogirl says:

      Is it possible WordPress has you flagged? The Iraq comment you referred to isn’t even in my spam folder. Please make a copy of comments before posting and if they’re lost email them to me and I’ll put them up – unless they contain slurs – I don’t do that stuff.

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