Look at Russia! (or anywhere else-but definitely not at North Korea or Yemen)

Propaganda Report

airstrikes-in-YemenThe noise surrounding North Korea is getting louder every day. I know we’ve heard noise from that sector in the past, but it’s definitely ramping up. I noticed it several months ago (December 1, 2016, #WTWOF North Korean Missile Crisis?) and again a few days ago (March 3, 2017: Is “Well-Outside the Mainstream” Newspeak for OUT OF HER FREAKIN’ MIND???) and today we hear of North Korea shooting off unimpressive scud missiles into the sea just to show they could (which we already knew).

I’ve been thinking perhaps all the noise about Russia, which borders on the ridiculous no matter whose side of the aisle you find yourself, could just be a way to get all eyes on the wrong ball–maybe it’s North Korea where we’ll get into a shooting war (or maybe it’s China we’re after by making its satellite North Korea a hot spot – h/t to…

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