Put an Ob on You (glossary entry)

Obligation-Overload-Logo-300x300My sister Booie passed on to me my love of words and has added a few colorful phrases to my vocabulary (e.g., she taught me the meaning of “grok” and coined “ethical glass ceiling“). She and her husband Bill also contributed the expression “put an ob on you” to my lexicon–and now to my glossary! “Ob” stands for obligation, so “to put an ob on someone” would be to create an obligation. More often than not, being gracious and considerate as they are, they use the expression to say, “I don’t want to put an ob on you,” for example, “I don’t want to put an ob on you, but if you want to come to our house for Thanksgiving, our door will be open.” I like it 🙂

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One Response to Put an Ob on You (glossary entry)

  1. mary says:

    FYI, Bill and I heard the expression “to plant an ob” on someone in a great libertarian short story entitled, “And Then There Were None.” The author is Eric Frank Russell. Here’s a link to the story:
    Your loving sister,

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