“Thanks a lot Obama” and other hilarious things my 11-year old says…

My son asked me to buy a book on amazon and it wasn’t available for some reason. His comment? “Thanks a lot Obama.”

That just cracked me up. He goes to a super conservative school and he is exposed to the occasional extreme view, but he and his buddies find the humor in it when it gets ridiculous. I guess one thing they found funny was that some of the parents blamed Obama for everything that went wrong, basically, for the past eight years straight. I never noticed it before until his hilarious quip, “Thanks a lot Obama.” I can’t wait to use that myself!

That reminded me of his last great quip. We were watching a show together (the Odd Couple I think–honestly!) and I said Felix’s next line before Felix did (I’ve seen them ALL!) What did my son say? “The Illuminati strikes again!” Another great one! (What are they talking about at that school??? Oh wait, that one might be me!!)

Update: my son just told me while he heard the Obama quip at school his classmate heard it on the Internet. Oh well–the matrix strikes again!

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One Response to “Thanks a lot Obama” and other hilarious things my 11-year old says…

  1. mary says:

    I love that kids can often see through adult hypocrisy and irrationality (“the emperor has no clothes!”). It makes me hopeful for the future.

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