#WTWOF The Prison-Industrial Complex Booms!

Propaganda Report

In June 2015 a very suspicious prison break with an implausibly lengthy manhunt was reported out of New York State. The story line held that a prison worker who met one of the prisoners while in the prison hospital developed a romantic interest in him and helped him and his buddy escape. This happened to be a similar story line to one from a show I had been watching at the time called Prison Break. I found this fishy and wondered if it foreshadowed an infusion of federal cash into the prison-industrial complex. Perhaps prisons would be allowed to deteriorate or escapes would be allowed or even orchestrated to justify spending money on that system.

I observed when I lived in Dallas that Cowboys Stadium fell into disrepair just as Jerry Jones was lobbying for taxpayer subsidies to build a money-printing colossus. The fan-base taxpayer-base support surged as the…

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