The Musk Special: Government-Privilege Two Ways

Propaganda Report

elon-musk-launched-a-tweetstorm-defending-his-position-as-a-trump-adviserWhen I was at Stanford University in Silicon Valley earning a JD-MBA (not a fun place for a principle-based libertarian, at least not at the time), there was no end to techie business or law school students who would argue with me that governments needed to fund research for the betterment of society. (The most definitive example I recall was that we would never have had Teflon if it weren’t for NASA–I have since learned, that might not be true, and in any case, we should be so lucky!)

My response to the government-as-science-benefactor argument was threefold: it’s not the role of government to invest in technology – a corruptible bureaucracy cannot be expected to have the judgment, objectivity or integrity to pick and choose where to invest; the government does not have the right to steal money from taxpayers (Taxation is Theft!) and transfer it to researchers…

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