Show Today 3-6: Help! Is YouTube making my kid a socialist?

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3 Responses to Show Today 3-6: Help! Is YouTube making my kid a socialist?

  1. J.Man says:

    Funny !

    I’ve been thinking lately about how Elitist TV has become. Not just the news and Hollywood Elitist snobbery toward Trump because he’s not a Washington or Eastern establishment insider, but how the media regards the lower and lower middle class as ignorant sheeple who deserve to be led by the nose, and talked down to, as if they can be duped or lied to about foreign affairs, domestic policy or can be guilt tripped into backing a power Elite White House coup.

    Another example – I’m a big fan of American Dad, Cleveland Show but look at Family Guy and how bad it’s gotten ( Seth McFarlane had a $5,000 dollar a plate fundraiser for Hillary at his house, and she cancelled and sh didn’t even show up ) Seth McFarlane can insult: the gays, blacks, jewish, fat people, short people, women, old people, arabs, the poor, the physically disabled or crippled, the homeless, the lower middle class, hippies, the British, political activists, transgender, lesbians, AIDS victims, the developmentally disabled, the retarded, cancer victims, and U.S. soldiers maimed or who have PTSD – But I’m a Liberal who won’t jump on the love Hillary and hate Trump bandwagon, and I’m treated like the bad guy at Prog. blogs.

    Much in the same way, the Liberal Eastern establishment like the New Yorker rushed to defend Norman Mailer after the author nearly stabbed his wife to death at a dinner party, and Hollywood still love to rub elbows w/ Hillary after all her wars and corruption.

    But back to television – like Family Guy and Law Order seem to enjoy targeting the more vulnerable, weakest, members of American society – the elderly, gays, the mentally ill or developmentally disabled, or physically crippled.

    see also: Family-Guy-Propaganda-The-Effects-It-Has-On-Viewers

  2. J.Man says:


    That being said – I think Fox News in general has become far better than the competition, even the local news affiliates – far better than NBC, CBS, CNN.

    Even entertainment wise – NBC Saturday Night Live beyond the Trump jokes, stale as they are, and even before Donald Tina Fey and the blonde dupe Amy seemed to have a hidden contempt for the American public behind their plastic smiles, and the same w/ Viacoms Daily Show – a Eastern establishment power Elite pit stop that regards its ‘uneducated’ America as beneath their Kennedy Center honors and Pulitzer prize ‘best -seller’ guest list.

    Certainly, even the NBC Law and Order franchise hides behind a false veneer of moral authority while wallowing in stereotypes, racism, and hollow tabloid drivel …

    Sitting Ducks: The Law & Order Franchise and You

  3. J.Man says:

    “Hey -teachers, leave those kids alone !” 🙂

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