Ep. 61 – More Totalitarianism! More Government Control!

Propaganda Report

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or-38527Wednesday, August 23nd, 2017 – As civil unrest intensifies, so does the cry for more government control to step in and save us. This is no accident. The public is being manipulated into consenting to its own enslavement.  Show originally aired on Saturday, August 19th, 2017 on WSB 750, Atlanta.

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2 Responses to Ep. 61 – More Totalitarianism! More Government Control!

  1. Tony says:

    Unfortunately your wisdom may fly over most people. You’re on point.
    I was in a gun store yesterday enjoying my 2nd amendment rights, and I asked the young man behind the counter if sales of weapons have plateaued? His response was a strong Yes. People have a false sense of security in reference to their freedoms. I shared your theory on our freedoms and he and the rest of the shop agree with a side note. They all felt that once we lose the White House again, the speed at which we lose our rights will happen at light speed. Hint….buy your weapons now.
    I’ll stay in the race as long as you do.

  2. Norman says:

    People of the world !!! …. forgive me , Karl Marx

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