Two New Books for The Bookshelf

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on_the_mediaBinkley and I have a bookshelf for your perusal or if you are thinking of buying a book and want to know if we’ve come across it and have anything to say about it, search for it alphabetically by author or in the search box. We have quite a few on the shelf already, but here are two more I just bought…

Go Quietly or Else: His Own Story of the Events Leading to His Resignation, by Spiro T. Agnew (1980).
I always assumed Richard Nixon’s co-elected Vice President, Spiro Agnew, was swept out of office in the Watergate scandal, leaving us the unelected Gerald Ford to take over the Presidency when Nixon resigned, but I was wrong. Agnew was pushed out of office through a totally unrelated scandal which he argues in this book was completely trumped up yet succeeded in getting him out of office. I am…

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One Response to Two New Books for The Bookshelf

  1. mcale54 says:

    a great book on conspiracy is Epperson’s “The Unseen Hand”

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