Coincidences Happen….Lamarck v. Darwin

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Paul-Kammerer-696x365I find the “coincidence theory” or “accidental theory” of history preposterous. In my opinion, you need a tinfoil hat if you’re crazy enough to think that history is accidentally marching toward all the power and money being concentrated at the top. It seems clear to me that power exists in the world, it is used and how it is used occasionally (if not usually) occurs behind closed doors–in other words, there are conspiracies at the top!

That said, coincidences do happen….

Recently, I read a book called the Thirteenth Tribe, by Arthur Koestler. It’s a controversial book because it claims that the vast majority of Ukrainian, Estonian and Lithuanian Jews are descended from Khasarians who migrated when the Khasarian Empire fell almost a thousand years ago. The Khasarian Empire was a group on the Caucasian steppe that held its ground against the pressures of the Rus to…

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One Response to Coincidences Happen….Lamarck v. Darwin

  1. Shoshana says:

    Nonsense! Even if it was true, guess what that would have happened like over 1000 years ago. People practicing Judaism that long, going through the Holocaust etc… they are Jews.

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