Resistance-Grade Weaponry (new glossary entry)

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71eb06211dd3c2f5a77fa5117e463862--interesting-history-budapest Hungarian Uprising 1956: Hungarian fighters battling Soviet armored troops in Budapest.

On my most recent show (which aired on WSB on Saturday, October 14, 2017, and will be posted as Propaganda Report Episode 73 at, I coined the term “Resistance-Grade Weaponry” to mean long guns, fast guns, big guns, even body armor–in other words, anything that would actually aid the people in resisting tyranny. Tellingly, gun control activists focus on these types of weapons and even purely defensive equipment even though it’s handguns which are used in the vast majority of gun deaths, both murders and, of course, suicides. My cynical theory is that if the government is after the Second Amendment for the same reason I think it is after the other amendments in the Bill of Rights–that is, to neutralize our ability to curtail our government’s drive toward tyranny–it would want to get rid of the…

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One Response to Resistance-Grade Weaponry (new glossary entry)

  1. Tony says:

    I would bet that you and most of your listeners (me included), would have rallied behind the framers of this nation in the 1700’s so to me the second amendment is a mute point. Unfortunately you and your listeners are a minority in the big picture of things. So many components come into play, especially when dealing with bullet launchers (USMC term). I grew up in Arizona where everyone packed a sidearm, and I do mean everyone packed. School teachers, judges, bankers etc, and the gun ranges would have both civilian and law enforcement as attendees. Some would say an armed society is a polite society, and I agree with a caveat. Growing up in Arizona during the 1960’s and 70’s, the biggest difference aside from the highly armed citizen was the attendance at Synagogues and Churches. Prayer wasn’t looked down upon, and the National Anthem was played when the networks went off line. Morale boundaries were expected from all people. Of course we had problems as the human heart can be wicked, but I don’t remember the masses crying for the government to initiate new laws every 5 minutes.
    Cops took people home when they were to drunk to drive, and a joint didn’t land a 17 year old in jail as a felon. Our framers went to war with the British empire for far less intrusiveness. If they were alive today in the flesh I bet they’d be deeply disappointed. I’ll stay in the race as long as you do.

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