Show SUNDAY 1-3!

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3 Responses to Show SUNDAY 1-3!

  1. hugh says:

    Great show today! You are so right about the importance of our Constitution. I spent 6 hours in a class yesterday hearing about the same points you make on your shows. But the benefit I had was six full hours of information. The classes were taught by Constitutional Attorney KrisAnne Hall. I would encourage you two to meet/talk to somehow expand your influence as you both are on the same page. Her website is

    Separately, I just figured out why I can’t listen to your podcast anymore…they are no longer made available for those of us who use PC’s or BlackBerry’s. Very unfortunate as I can no longer catch up when I miss the live shows. And re this change, I am curious if the black balling of BlackBerry might have related to BlackBerry’s unwillingness to grant our government a back door to their devices?! BlackBerry is Canadian and they might have dug in their heels. I think that’s a real possibility!

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