I try always to remember JFK’s assassination. I consider that to be the moment the Deep State gained control of this country–the point of no return. I don’t claim I would have voted for JFK or that I think he was an outsider or some paragon of virtue, I just think he stood in the way of the Deep State and they took him out. I could say the same for Nixon via Watergate, or even for Ford & Reagan when they were subject to assassination attempts–not outsiders, but the Deep State preferred their VPs to them perhaps.

I have published a few posts over the years in memory of JFK. Here they are…

Last year:
In Honor of the Anniversary of JFK’s Death
In honor of JFK’s birthday…
The Innocence of Oswald (book review)


Here’s an oldie–I was not so far down the rabbit hole back then but I was getting warmer!
CFR ==> CIA ==> JFK ==> Podcast of November 24, 2013 Show

And here is something new…

MARY'S MOSAIC: Mary Pinchot Meyer & John F. Kennedy and Their Vision for World Peace
3 of 5 stars
Good book about the killing of JFK’s last mistress, Mary’s Mosaic…convincing arguments that the CIA was in on it, written by the son of a CIA man and a friend of Mary’s family – whose husband incidentally was also a CIA agent. The most interesting thing in the book was that James Jesus Angleton supposedly said that the movie Executive Action was an accurate account of JFK’s assassination. Check it out here. (Mary’s husband, incidentally, was Cord Meyer, head of Operation Mockingbird. Janney also mentions that Cord had worked for world government and planned to lead it before he realized it was a lost cause.)
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