Show TODAY Saturday Dec 9, 4-6PM ET

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4 Responses to Show TODAY Saturday Dec 9, 4-6PM ET

  1. Nancy Jones says:

    Monica–PLEASE PLEASE send me info on something you mentioned (and played a clip of) near the end of your show today. It was either one of those morning shows (Like the “Today” show, which I never watch) or maybe an interview on CNN; either way, a man was being interviewed by a woman and was saying maybe boys ought to be microchipped to control their sexual aggresiveness toward women and thus lower sexual harrassment issues–and you pointed out how FAST the lady interviewer talked over him, cut him off, and either went to break or changed subject.

    PLEASE what is the name / date of that show you referenced???


    • austrogirl says:

      I’ll have to check with Binkley – stand by

    • austrogirl says:

      From Binkley:
      MSNBC’s Morning Joe on November 17, 2017. Donny Deutsch says it to Mika Brzezinski at around the 4:40 mark of the link below. I also pointed out that while some might argue he isn’t being literally, that same week DARPA released a press release about a project that was testing brain chips that can control people’s emotions. I have the press release somewhere, I’d have to find it.

      Here’s an article about the DARPA thing. Classify a behavior as a disorder and they justify chipping people.

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