About The Monica Perez Show

The Monica Perez Show is a call-in radio show about current events, politics, economics and life in general from a libertarian perspective. The show is broadcast LIVE every Sunday afternoon from 1pm to 3pm, eastern time, on News/Talk WSB 750AM and 95.5FM in Atlanta. You can also listen at showtime to live online streaming right here. No matter how you listen, be sure to call: 1 (404) 872-0750 or 1 (800) WSB-TALK.

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In the meantime, take a listen to Monica in studio and on the air….

Excerpts from the Show



You can also listen to podcasts of the show or sign up to subscribe to podcasts of the show here.

4 Responses to About The Monica Perez Show

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  2. Preacher Jay says:

    Finally a show with a realistic view of the situation!

  3. Palepadre says:

    Reveals all sides. and without trying to anger people. No class warfare here!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I wish you got more air time on WSB. You have a better show than many of the hosts there. How about it program manager?

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