Call Me!

Are you a Ron Paul supporter or simply a libertarian who is tired of being labeled “crazy” by the mainstream media–radio and TV alike? I want to give you equal time. Please leave me a voicemail that I can play on the air. Say your first name, what classifies you as normal (you have a job or a wife or a white picket fence or you pay taxes or whatever) and why you love liberty or resent government or whatever it is that you want to defend as a libertarian. The number is 1 (404) 253-2121. Then listen for your call on the show Saturday nights from 9pm-11pm on 750AM, on 95.5FM (in Atlanta) or right here on line at showtime.

You may also leave me a message that you think might be of general interest to my listeners that I can play and respond to on the air. And you don’t have to agree with me–I’m always up for a challenge!

7 Responses to Call Me!

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  3. lakawak says:

    Good luck finding a Ron Paul supporter with a normal life. Jobs? Well…I guess is sandwich delivery boy is a job, then sure. White picket fence? Only if there is one outside their mommy’s basements. Firm grasp on reality? Well…can’t help you there.

  4. Ryan Greene says:

    I’m a high school English teacher, real-estate agent, ex-Marine in my early thirties. I support Ron Paul whole-heartedly. Normal enough lakawak?.

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  7. Preacher Jay says:

    Lakawak does not understand monetary policy

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