CFR ==> CIA ==> JFK ==> Podcast of November 24, 2013 Show

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK, I discussed the “grand conspiracy” on the show. Here’s the podcast and below some of the material I referred to….

Hour 1

Hour 2


Here’s a list of reviews of the books I referred to: Conspiracy Collection.

Here’s the GREAT expose of tax exempt foundations by the truly noble Norman Dodd:

Here’s what I understand to be the best explanation of the alternative view of 9/11 (this is the first of three-part series):


Follow up: I recently did a show on the Report from Iron Mountain which I had not even heard of when I did this JFK podcast originally. Crazy thing is, in this podcast from November 2013, I speculated that JFK was most likely killed because he wanted to usher in an era of peace which was finally deemed possible at that time. The Report from Iron Mountain actually lays out that the intelligentsia felt that world peace was actually possible but that it would undermine the power of the elite and so it should not be allowed. Amazing! After listening to this podcast, I highly recommend you check out my podcast on the Report from Iron Mountain: What’s at the bottom of the rabbit hole? The Report from Iron Mountain. Podcast of June 7, 2014 Show.

3 Responses to CFR ==> CIA ==> JFK ==> Podcast of November 24, 2013 Show

  1. johndjasper says:

    Hi Monica. Loving the shows but something is wrong with the second part of the JFK anniversary show. Please help!

    PS: Happy New Year!

  2. johndjasper says:

    Oops, never mind. even though it gave me an error, I find that the file downloaded as desired.

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