Here are some of my favorite libertarian websites as well as other websites that I think are worth checking out. I don’t agree with the underlying philosophy of each and every one of these sites, but I think they all bring food for thought or cover viewpoints and events that are ignored, distorted or downplayed by the mainstream media. In addition, I try to find websites that offer in-depth coverage of a specific subject from a libertarian perspective (finance, education, science, etc.) I add to the list regularly, so check back for new avenues to explore.

Al Jazeera English
Middle Eastern News.

The Altucher Confidential Ideas for a World Out of Balance.

Asia Times Online Asian news hub providing the latest news and analysis from Asia

Bastiat Institute Liberty – Prosperity – Peace

BBC News World News from England.

Before It’s News A community of individuals who report on what’s going on around them, from all around the world.

Ben Swann’s Reality Check Ben Swann Videos Covering Stories No One Else Will Touch!

Blacklisted News
Independent Media for Independent Minds

Boiling Frogs Home of the irate minority.

Casey Research Intensely Curious, Focused on Facts.

The Cato Institute Individual Liberty, Free Markets, and Peace

Center for a Stateless Society building awareness of the market anarchist alternative

The Daily Anarchist
Anarcho-Capitalist Blog, Forum and Store

The Daily Reckoning Literary economic perspective, global market analysis, and contrarian investment ideas.

The Daily Paul Peace. Gold. Liberty.

Drug Policy A short list of Internet resources concerning the Drug War

The Education Vigilante Destroying Government Teachology One Mind At A Time.

End The Lie Independent News.

Europacific Capital Research & Analysis Because there’s a bull market somewhere.
Citizen journalism.

Foreign Policy Journal Providing critical analysis of U.S. foreign policy outside of the standard framework.

Foundation for Economic Education Home to freedom and prosperity, and free-market education for over 50 years.

Free Advice The Personal Blog of Economist Robert P. Murphy.

Freedomain Radio The Largest Philosophy Conversation In The World

Freedom Unfiltered Filtering out the establishment bias so you can enjoy the message of pure, unadulterated freedom!

The Freeman Ideas on Liberty

The Future of Freedom Foundation Advancing Freedom & Free Markets Since 1989

Gary North’s Specific Answers Wealth-building strategies, plus Q&A forums

Global Research Center for Research on Globalization

The Independent Institute
25 Years of Enlightening Ideas

Information Liberation The news you’re not supposed to know…

Infowars Because There Is A War On For Your Mind

The Institute for Justice Litigating for Liberty

The Intel Hub Covering Geo-Politics, Human Rights, the expanding Police State and the New World Order because corporate media won’t.

Jason Pye Musings on Politics, Sports and Music

Judicial Watch
Because no one is above the law.

Lew Rockwell anti-state, anti-war, pro-market

The Libertarian Self-Ownership, Self-Responsibility, Liberty

Libertarianism Liberty. Abundance. Peace.

Liberty Pulse Have You Checked Your Pulse Today?

The Liberty Scientist Science. Knowledge. Freedom.

Library of Economics and Liberty Dedicated to advancing the study of economics, markets, and liberty.

The Line in the Sand Hit them right between the eyes.

The Mendenhall “History should be written as philosophy.”

Mercatus Center the world’s premier university source for market-oriented ideas

Michael Scheuer’s Foreign Policy Independent of All, Under the Influence of None

Ludwig von Mises Institute Advancing the scholarship of liberty in the tradition of the Austrian School

Newsmax Breaking news, politics, political commentary

Reason Magazine Free Minds and Free Markets

Russia Today Question More.

Shenandoah Terminus of Orbis Terrarium Ut Not Teneo Is Your small government news connections.

Stossel’s Take John Stossel’s blog.

Tax Policy A few recommendations of Internet resources concerning tax policy.

The Telegraph UK newspaper online

The Truth About Guns – ATF Death Watch

Trends Research Institute Forecasting Worldwide Since 1980

United Liberty Free Market. Individual Liberty. Limited Government.

Watching America Discover what the world thinks about U.S. with translated foreign news available NOWHERE else in English.

The Whited Sepulchre They Laugh Because We’re Different; We Laugh Because They’re All The Same.

Zero Hedge On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.


2 Responses to Links

  1. wane boon says:

    Monica, i offer you a factual piece here on the Ted Cruz eligibility issue…It’s short and covers why there is zero real legal doubt his eligibility..

    • austrogirl says:

      Thank you for this–very informative. Here’s my question though.. if Cruz is a natural born Citizen of the United States, is he not by the same logic a natural born Citizen of Cuba? of Canada? How could someone be a natural born Citizen of more than one country? And if Rubio was born in the United States of two Cuban citizens, then by the logic put forth in this article, Rubio is a natural born Citizen of Cuba rather than the United States, in which case he is not eligible to run. I think this specific case needs to be formally adjudicated.

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