The New Home of the Braves: Podcast of November 17 Show

The Braves have announced that they are moving to Cobb County in 2017 for a new stadium to be financed 55% by the Braves and 45% by Cobb County. I lay out the details of what we know and the vast amount of details we don’t know. Without all the details, how are the residents of Cobb going to make the decision? They’re not – this will be decided by a vote of the 5 person Cobb County Commission on November 26.

NB – A listener emailed me after the show to correct something I said on the air: I stated that Helen Goreham, commissioner of Cobb’s NW district, was the commissioner for the land where the new Braves stadium is slated to go (the NW corner of 285 and 75). That is not correct – that site is not in the NW district. Ms Goreham, however, has been the most outspoken commissioner on the subject and will cast one of the 5 deciding votes on November 26. I read a few of her quotes on air – trust me, this is NOT the woman to make a $700 million business decision on behalf of the people of Cobb … listen and tell me if you agree!

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