The True Story of Madeleine McCann

eddie_howlI just finished watching this more than four hour documentary on the truth about Madeleine McCann, the three-year-old British girl who was allegedly kidnapped in Portugal in 2007. According to this meticulous documentary (that’s why it’s four hours long – the story itself could be told in an hour, but laying out all the proofs took a while), the parents’ story is false and the British government and media helped cover up the truth. It’s a gripping tale and one you can listen to without watching if it’s more convenient. (h/t JJ)

After watching the documentary, I was left wanting to know more about WHY this story unfolded the way it did and what really happened. The only source would be the Portuguese investigator who wrote a book on the subject called The Truth of the Lie. At the time of the documentary, the book was translated into every major European language except, bizarrely, English. I just found a site with the book in English. Click here for that.

The True Story of Madeleine McCann – Buried by Mainstream Media

Update (8/12/16):
Internet troll who targeted McCanns found dead in hotel room days after fleeing home when she was revealed to be behind online campaign of vitriol

Sky News reporter ‘devastated’ at death of McCann Twitter troll
Martin Brunt said conversations with Brenda Leyland had been cordial and that she had appeared ‘very relaxed’ about his report

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