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The Monica Perez Show is a call-in radio show about current events, politics, economics and life in general from a libertarian perspective. The show is broadcast LIVE every Saturday from 3PM to 6PM ET on News 95-5 and AM 750 WSB in Atlanta. You can listen at showtime at www.wsbradio.com or on your mobile device with the app iheartradio at WSB. If you can’t catch the show live, check out the podcasts. If you listen live, be sure to call: 1 (404) 872-0750 or 1 (800) WSB-TALK!


Monica was born in Brooklyn (can you tell?!) and raised in the suburbs of New York City; she grew up the youngest of nine children in a blue-collar Roman Catholic family, and is now the mother of one daughter and two sons, the elder of whom has Down syndrome.

Monica worked as a waitress before and during college and received several generous scholarships that allowed her to transfer from community college to Harvard.  She earned an associate’s degree in liberal arts from Rockland Community College, a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University with a concentration in economics, a law degree from Stanford Law School and a master’s in business administration from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Monica is a Chartered Financial Analyst (“CFA”) and a member of the bar of the State of New York.  She has worked as a commercial banker and an investment banker, among other things.

As an anarcho-capitalist (i.e., extreme libertarian), Monica is a proponent of Austrian economics and an uncompromising defender of personal liberty.

If you want to see Monica in action, check out this video where she describes her journey to libertarian activism. (Start at 18:30.) For more videos, click here.

53 Responses to About

  1. Edward says:

    hey monica, i am a Publix truck driver in the atlanta area. i listen to wsb every night while working.
    my favorite station. when i first heard your show i thought you were nuts! but i kept on listening.
    and now i cant wait for saturday night at work to listen to your show. i’m more and more leaning your way of thinking about where our country is heading. keep up the great work!

    • Billy Baroo says:

      William Sumner, what a supremely adroit anarchist, inspired the “Sex Pistols” with his logic filled testimony. I still listen to their tracks on my 8 track. Love what you’re doing Monica, keep up the great effort and I’ll be following you!

  2. Edward says:

    hey monica, its me again the publix truck driver in the atlanta area. the quote you use on your website by William Graham Sumner is kind of scary! how and when can america move from the current 2 party system “the so called conservative party and the big government liberals democrat liars” to the anarchists and socialists parties?
    and how can i help? america needs to make this happen asap!!

    • austrogirl says:

      Funny you should mention that! I had a caller Saturday night, Bob, who asked if we were to that point yet and I said for me, yes. But if we really want to convert coercive, monopoly government into voluntary, private enforcement of the natural law (that law being: Don’t touch me or my stuff!) we’ll have to figure out a way to get from here to there. Any ideas??

      • K. Lewis says:

        I have an idea for a new party, but I don’t want to make it public until the groundwork for the party is done. I don’t see any way to e-mail you from this site. I am hoping you can help, or at least know someone who can.

  3. wayne says:

    ARMED REBELLION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Just curious if you have watched the full length Aaron Russo interview? The late Aaron Russo was the producer of “Trading Places” and was Bette Midler’s manager.

    Have you watched Frontline’s documentary on Brooksley Born head of the CFTC and her confrontation with Alan Greenspan?

    Have you ever watched The Max Keiser Report?

    Are you familiar with Monsanto’s GMO program?

    Have you ever read the De-Classified Northwood Document?

  5. austrogirl says:

    I have seen America: Freedom to Fascism by Russo and saw some of his interview where he claims (plausibly) that the power elite tried to recruit him in an effort to silence him; I did not see CFTC v Greenspan but I’ll check it out; I have watched Max Keiser and often like him but he is like Webster Tarpley and Gerald Celente in that he believes government should be used to redistribute wealth (those guys probably accept cronyism as inevitable and figure you gotta get something out of it–I don’t agree in principle or in practice); I AM familiar with Monsanto’s GMO program – might that lead to corporate ownership of all food someday???; and I have read the Northwoods document–it’s crystal clear the government would stop at nothing to achieve it’s ends. Thanks for all the great references! I’ll check out the Russo and Greenspan I missed ASAP!

  6. John Russell says:

    Listening to you about Boston. So nice to hear someone who actually “thinks” instead of just regurgitating the same old story. The false flag idea started when “officials”denied that bombing drills were going on during the race. This was reported by local Boston media and some sharing of other ideas are being banned by Facebook. Something to look into.
    Love your show. Keep it up.

  7. Bill says:

    Hi Monica.
    Listen to you every Sunday. Makes my day !

  8. Tony Little says:


    You have a new fan now


  9. Steve A. Schiff says:

    Another new fan here from the Hotlanta area. I loved that quote you have on your site by William Graham Sumner. I’ve always thought that there basically only two sides in the whole Grand Political Debate. I, too, would place myself on the side of the Anarchists if it really down to it. And yes, PRISM and TIA, you can take that to the bank! Ironically how the TIA acronym means ‘aunt’ in Spanish. From Uncle Joe to Aunt Jane in our future?

    • Steve A. Schiff says:

      Another new fan here from the Hotlanta area. I loved that quote you have on your site by William Graham Sumner. I’ve always thought that there are basically only two sides in the whole Grand Political Debate. I, too, would place myself on the side of the Anarchists if it really came down to it although I hope it never does. And yes, PRISM and TIA, you can take that to the bank! It’s ironic how the TIA acronym spells ‘aunt’ in Spanish. From Uncle Joe to Aunt Jane in our future?

  10. Michael says:

    It’s exciting to see true Libertarians, Conservatives and Independents surfacing within every race, culture and creed as well as social class. Something that unfortunately should have happened about 20-30 years ago. The Coup already happened! The Revolution was televised! Now we must live in contrast knowing what true liberty really was. Other than the rare case of a Rand Paul or Ted Cruz we are now without a doubt living under a one party rule with little to no representation. The Republicans are nothing but the latest Trojan horse being used by the left to convince the remainder of moderate conservatives that the left wing agenda is “not that bad”. This is the last step, I believe, prior to a national “Kristallnacht” objective to start rounding up militant Conservative, Libertarian and Independent “troublemakers” who refuse to accept totalitarian dictatorship. This will of course occur after a strong push towards national disarmament or gun control (already happening) and those that do not put down their guns will be the first to go. Those that give up their guns under protest will have a choice: conform or join your comrades. That will be it. It does not take Albert Einstein to see the writing on the wall. Think I am FOS; no president or administration has ever devastated our language, borders and culture, attacked the fabric of our national values and decimated the constitution they are sworn to protect like this one, EVER. Yet their is no recourse, no accountability. If they were gaging any further crimes based on the reaction to what has occurred they have nothing to worry about the light is green for whatever their agenda may be. I hope I am dead wrong but I don’t think so this time.

  11. susan says:

    where can I find the michael morton video?

  12. valenteusa says:

    Happy New Year, 2014 Monica! I’ve been relatively off the grid since early last year. We [my family] experienced multiple immediate family deaths last year, and it was just not expected. 2 of 3 were only in their 50’s, but the 3rd was in her late 80’s. I rarely had it in me to write, tweet, or do anything constructive except go to work, exercise, sleep, eat, and repeat. Nonetheless, of course, life does goes on. During my down time, I have had a lot of time to think and really ponder upon multiple things.
    I’m very pleased to see your show is still running strong, despite continuing to be preempted by football. I’ll be catching up via your pod casts and will listen live every Sunday as often as possible. Cheers and keep the the fight for Liberty strong! 🙂

  13. austrogirl says:

    For more comments on the show, click here.

  14. Tony says:

    Listening to your show, and reading your articles I feel as if I just ran a mental marathon. Love your show when I’m able to listen, keep it going.

  15. charles from duluth says:

    A frog WILL jump out of a pot of water when it gets too hot.However,the analogy is useful.Albert Einstein with all his genius could not save his sisters from the Holocaust.Monica,I pray God,whatever you conceive Him to be,will always be with you and your wisdom,may it spread.America is Great and will always be great as long as organizations like WSB Radio continue to support freedom talkers like you,no matter what the heat maybe.

  16. Tony says:

    That comment deserves a big ole Amen!!!!!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Great show today!!!!!!! I’ll stay in the race as long as you do

  18. Dave Bishop says:

    Please discuss compulsory schooling. From your billing, I suspect you take the Rothbardian view. Let us know your thoughts on this matter.
    Thanks, Dave

  19. Tony says:

    I heard you talk to a gentleman concerning the Messiah and his soon return. Just a quick FYI, a mere 50 years ago most peole were much more Bible savvy than today. When comparing views with our Jewish (non believers in Yeshua) brothers and sisters a common mistake is made when communicating our faith with them. The biggest mistake we make is not realizing why the Rabbis have taught them for 2000 years to hate or denounce Jesus. This custom quite frankly comes by naturally, given the treatment of Jews by Christans centuries past. Another common mistake is reading the Bible through western eyes. I could go on for days on this but in the end we are often times are saying the same thing and calling it an argument. I recommend a book titled “Jesus was a Jew” by Arnold Fruchtenbaum. He does a wonderful job of explaining Jesus through the eyes of a Jewish believer. He covers the two visits of Messah, as told in the Bible and discussed in the Talmud. Hope this helps.

  20. Paul says:

    Hello Monica.
    I could not believe my ears the first time I listened to your program a couple of years ago on WSB. I thought, finally, here is someone who is not afraid or embarrassed to speak the truth. I look forward to your show each week; please keep up the good work, and continue fighting the good fight.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I’m curious why you think anarchists and Libertarians are the same thing, I’ve been a Libertarian for nearly 20 years and am not an anarchists. Being defined as an “anarchist” is one of the negative labels the neo-cons and establishment GOP use to paint us Libertarians as “kooks”.

    If you are an anarchist that is of course your business, but that is not a Libertarian and you do the Libertarian party a disservice by helping those who want to paint us as “lawless” and describe us as anarchist kooks.

    • austrogirl says:

      I just did a show on libertarianism and laid out that there are numerous types of libertarians and specifically there are minarchists and anarcho-capitalists. Here’s that show http://themonicaperezshow.com/2015/06/23/live-free-or-die-podcast-of-june-20-2015-show/. Also, just this weekend on the air I saw your comment pop up on my email (WordPress emails comments to me)…I actually thought it was a real-time email so I responded to it on the air…it’s at the beginning of hour 2 here http://themonicaperezshow.com/2015/06/29/the-pieces-are-locking-together-podcast-of-june-27-2015-show/. I hope you see my point of view. Lately, I’ve noticed the most recognized libertarians are creeping more and more closely into the Republican camp, my guess it’s to move the center a bit toward liberty – I don’t think that will work. I think Ron Paul did a lot more good than Rand Paul will end up doing, but as i said, libertarians and libertarianism cover a broad spectrum.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hi Monica, so sorry I missed your on air reply but thanks to the podcast I did get to hear it. It was somewhat of a “real time” response to your show because I was listening! I see your point about classical economic anarchy but I hope you see my point. “Anarchy” is simply not a term that modern America is going to be comfortable with, Too much conjuring of pure anarchy where mob rules and if I can take whats your’s that makes it mine until someone else takes it from me. I think you can agree we don’t want pure social anarchy.

        The only way I see a “big tent” movement that moves beyond the fringe happening is to use more modern terminology, just like we know “conservative” does NOT mean small government and so called conservatives have been responsible for much of the massive increases in government in just the last 15 years. I actually think Rand Paul CAN do more than his dad because he simply has a broader base appeal. We see from the fervor that Trump is able to generate there is still very much a demand in the populace for a voice that will put America’s inherent nationalism and sovereignty above world economics. While Trump is simply an opportunistic populist of no real doctrine beyond his own self interest, he serves a valuable purpose of showing the vacuum in leadership.

        The media does all it can to downplay the popularity of Rand Paul and yet he remains highly relevant in nearly every poll taken. But back to your “Anarchy”, while it doesn’t bother me that your slash A is a demonic symbol, I think to many Christians, it could. As far as I’m concerned it could be A= Agnostic which is what I am, however to them it’s a symbol for Azmodeus, Azrael or the generic Antichrist and some will note it fits the standard pentagram with some modifications. Or if they’re from Mississippi it may just be A for Alabama which would be EVEN WORSE. Assuming you’re not a Wiccan and it’s not intended, again, just saying the A-narchy thing just isn’t helping attract more numbers to the cause. It just doesn’t play that well and isn’t that useful in modern terms.

        Is it too late anyway? I don’t know, but we know the big government Republicans will continue to play up the fears of local terrorism to keep the base docile with the notion of more DHS/NSA need to “be safe”. After all we can’t be safe without lots of government spying on Americans and the Tea party even if they don’t have time to track Muslim immigration. If the people are to wake up and come into the Libertarian fold, we need to do what we can to invite them, welcome them, and not scare them off. Maybe that’s what I’m really trying to tell you in all of this.

  22. austrogirl says:

    I understand your points and I will seriously consider them. I had not at all considered the symbolism of the A–anything satanic is absolutely unintentional and I might change it after some more thought/investigation.

    What about the notion (I think it’s Aristotelian) to aim at the far extreme from where you are and hope to end up somewhere in the middle? That would give the anarchism position a valuable purpose. Also, there is some evidence to suggest that a pure philosophy is more appealing than a compromising one – while it might not inform the subset that aims to set policy, it might swell the ranks, even capture idealists who are turned off by the political pragmatism that, among other things, has corrupted both major parties and marched us all shoulder to shoulder down the road to serfdom. I do get your point though – you argue that more will be scared away than attracted – could be.

    To clarify, I think anarcho-syndicalism, which suggests there can be anarchy without private property is simply impossible on its face – private property ownership is self-evident even to a baby with a rattle who cries when you take it away, so dominating that instinct for self-defense would require force. I agree with you, however, that these communist anarchists did seem to define the term anarchy in the mainstream. My new favorite expression is Confucian: “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper names.” I will give more thought to whether or not I am using the right name and if there’s a more accurate one.

    I have concluded that the powers that be have such a stranglehold on the minds of the public that we are not near a turning point and they will likely achieve their goals of even greater world domination before we can turn the tide. (Btw, I think the TPP/TTIP will establish a formal, legal framework for this.) Therefore, after much soul-searching, I have defined my goal as simply to contribute to keeping the remnant alive by being a link in the chain both through public discourse and teaching my children & teaching them to teach their children & so on, so that there will be a seed for a new beginning. As part of this objective, those of us in the remnant need to understand fully the truth about man, power, history, etc., so we know what we’re up against, what ideas to pass down and what the remnant’s goals should be when that time comes. To this end, I try to learn and think and exchange ideas, ideally (I wish exclusively) with thoughtful and sincere people like you.

    All that said, although I personally do not believe that Rand Paul could turn the tide (if he could he’d be JFK’d), I do not want to presume to know for sure or undermine anyone else’s concerted efforts as long as they don’t interfere with my goals of understanding the truth and contributing to the remnant. So, I will apply my Confucian adage and see what I come up with–until then, I will try to remember to make myself clear both as to what I mean by anarcho-capitalist and how that is just one in a number of factions in the Liberty Movement.

    Thank you sincerely for your thoughtful and thought-provoking reply.

    • joeb says:

      hi Monica

      on “Trump in the media”, i think this is a combination of the media’s infatuation with itself and fascination with it’s inability to destroy him. They now seem to be understanding that their influence is limited and the ability to shield the politic of choice, hello HRC and trample those they hate, may not be what it was. The press seem to be the “slow learner” crowd we always thought they were.

      carly fiorina seems more intelligent and thoughtful than the other vanilla establishment Repubs,, it’s a shame but not a surprise that they mostly ignore her for the more contrite, establishment Cruz/Perry/Christie/Kasich crowd. Paul has dwindled some after his earlier strong polling, showing there is a faction of tea party Repubs and Libertarians out there that want real change from Government as usual we get with the standard Repub/Dems.. It is a shame Rand Paul can’t seem to tap into the populism of national liberty and defense that Trump has appealed so well to.

      Good show today, thanks!

      • joeb says:

        Monica, when will they learn that “strong national defense” does NOT mean continuing the same failed mid-east policies of Bush/Obama. Well said! You go girl!

  23. Pam Shumway says:

    I am always robustly edified listening to your program when I’m in Atlanta. I’d like to hear again your brilliant break-down of the Constitution you did about a year ago. You explained 5 or 6 pillars or areas of law around which the Constitution is formulated. How can I get the entirety of your “Constitution Made Easy,” or whatever you called it (Written or audio)? The presentation was supernal & informative.

  24. Tyler Durden says:

    Is it difficult to be employed by the people who are causing the demise of America and claiming that you care about America? Watch “Jew’s expelled from every nation” on YouTube http://youtu.be/UOAOhgfTekY
    How can an ethnic group get expelled from so many countries? How?

  25. Tony says:

    One need go no further than the Bible, anti-semitism is the oldest and most original form of hate.

  26. Jim Conner says:

    Listen to the show twice was most impressed both times I’ve been a Libertarian for years but it’s awesome to hear anybody on the radio with your views i looked up your bio was even more impressed with what I heard i too have a special needs son so I wonder if that’s what brings out the libertarian in us .Keep up the good work and I hope you get on the radio for more than just one day a week.Most of the other stuff on the radio just makes me sick except that new shinedown CD.

    • austrogirl says:

      thanks for taking the time to comment! i know my son will be able to produce as much as he consumes in this world–and if he can, who can’t? and if they can’t, the rest of us will help–we do even with one hand tied behind our backs! i’m filling in late night tuesday and thursday this week…probably more to come 🙂

  27. Tim says:


    Love the show.

    I just roll my eyes when people call in about using the 2nd amendment to defend their rights and Liberty.

    If they were really concerned about their rights and Liberty, they would be organized to monitor the education of their children, the policing if their neighborhoods, the election of their officials, and the passing of laws that govern them. Of course, they are not.

    To jump directly to armed overthrow is a fantasy.

    Get involved now, or learn to live in the new reality.

  28. Tony says:

    Monica needs to get a nation wide base, her untiring research combined with listeners such as yourself is what this country needs to hear. Great response!!

  29. Norman says:

    What is Aleppo ??? – Gary Johnson

      • Norman says:

        Yes. Did you watch that Monica ??? Gary Johnson was asked about his take on Aleppo Siria and his answer was … What is Aleppo ??? ….. That one singular response is enough for so many to say “we told you about Libertarians ” and see he just proved it.

        • austrogirl says:

          I didn’t see it, but I’ve been hearing about it. I did point out that I didn’t think Gary Johnson being in the debates would do the libertarian cause more good than harm. I think that’s probably true. Maybe that means they’ll let him in.

  30. Norman says:

    Lol !!!!!!! You are so right about that !!! When I hear Gary Johnson I just want to fall asleep. He admits to smoking weed and I think that proves it. I don’t smoke weed because it turns me into a total dope that can’t think. However in the past I had 1 girlfriend and a boss who both used pot every day for years on end and they were both smarter than me and could think faster than me ,, so different things work well for different people. But that has ended Gary Johnson as we know him. … On a deeper level I have grown unhappy with our sides (libertarian) position on evil people in the world wanting to kill Americans and destroy our lives here. The answer from a true Libertarian is always “we shouldn’t get involved in foriegn entanglements ” …. It is true and I do believe in that concept HOWEVER if that is your only answer you will find it lacking when you awake to find burglars in your house wanting to kill you and your family and you tell them “we should not get involved in foriegn people’s entanglements” …..

  31. Larry Park says:

    Only wish you received emails.
    I strongly dislike being labeled anything, but for the sake of simplicity I will refer to myself as a Libertarian. The other two major political parties in this country are destined to destroy it as they continue to worry more about “my daddy and beat up your daddy” elementary school theatrics.
    Of course, the entire exercise by the Dems and the Rhinos is to remove Trump. It’s so obvious even I can see it!
    So, how can we – The People – take control of the government and get them to focus on the nation rather than their petty personal agendas?
    Not that there isn’t some very serious money at stake here, but for your common, run-of-the-mill, defender of Freedom, the nation is more important than their money.
    So, how do we do it? A million person march on D.C. to bring it to a halt? A national strike? Can you imagine if every 18- wheeler in the country came to a stop where ever they were at noon on a given day? Or, if the majority of Americans simply failed to report for work one day! The amount of income tax that would be lost?

    I am tired of sitting by and watching the anarchists destroy my country. I will go to my grave never understanding how so many people can hate the very breast that is nurturing their success. It’s a form of insanity.

    We need to rally – and in large, meaningful numbers to demonstrate our support for THIS country – not any particular person – but the constitution upon which this nation was built.

    If not us, who then?

    • Norman says:

      Larry ,

      I’m an anarchist , am I destroying this country ? What do you define as an anarchist ? My anarchism means NOT having an interest in what the government wants and what the government wants of me. Nothing more nothing less. I believe people doing what the government wants is what has gotten us into this current state that we find ourselves in.

  32. JJ Patterson says:

    Thought of you today when I heard another politician say “The number one job of the United States government is the safety of its people.” I would sleep better at night if I’d heard “. . . is securing the freedoms of its people.” As Royal Marshall would say, “Just dayum.”

  33. youwildman says:

    jesus fukn christ on a krispy creme why does no one who does this post a gd email address on their site? I have had spooks up the ass since January and everyone knows that every gd social media platform is 100% monitored and traced and I have had to go dark but I can’t because no one can get it together to post their fukn email address! I have information and an idea that is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL AND VITAL TO THE SURVIVAL OF THE UNION AND I GOT IT FROM YOU but I got to keep signing back into social media in order to send anyone a message. Come on people, this is not rocket surgery. Do you realize how many people with important facts and who can be a big help will not sign in to social media? Contact me ASAP via hotmail as we have a little more than a week to act. M (oh ffs who has to lift their pant leg up to see if they got hit; what was the weapon, pea shooter)?

  34. Monica, good day and blessing of our God, YESHUA!! Weeks ago you mentioned, I believe, a natural remedy you use or know about for people with allergies; can you share the recipe and details…thank you.

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