Clerical Error (a book review)

malachi-martin_medBinkley recently sent me a youtube video of an episode of Art Bell’s show from back in the day. The guest was talking about some crazy stuff that the military was allegedly doing in Montauk (Long Island) in the Seventies. This guy was way, way out there, but his depth of knowledge and the continuity of his narrative had me hooked – I still don’t know what to make of it.

The audio was so interesting, that I sent it to one of my brothers (George the Friendly Truckdriver) who had been in the Air Force during that period and was for a time stationed in Montauk. The guest was all about electrical experiments and George had become an electrician in the service. I figured he would find the discussion as fascinating as I did.

Here it is.

I was surprised at George’s response.

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Ep. 27 – The Truth About The Deep State – What They’re Not Telling You

Propaganda Report with Perez & Binkley

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The mainstream media is officially talking about the “Deep State”, which means they’re lying to you about it. On today’s show, we discuss what the Deep State really is. We also have a special guest today. Liberty loving lawyer Catherine Bernard, who can be found routinely defending our rights at city hall in Atlanta, is here to let us know what bills to support and what bills to fight in the Georgia Legislature this season. Show originally aired on February 18th, 2017 on WSB 750 Atlanta.

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#WTWOF: Afghanistan for DynCorp?

Propaganda Report with Perez & Binkley


What to Watch Out For:

The New York Times recently reported that financier Steve Feinberg would be helping President Trump “assess” US intelligence agencies.

Feinberg was the founder of Cerberus which is the owner of DynCorp, a major IT provider to the US government that got hit hard when Obama started winding down military operations in Afghanistan.

I immediately looked into Trump’s position on Afghanistan and found nothing.

Today, however, I heard on the news that he would be reassessing whether to ramp back up operations there.

DynCorp does not seem to be a winning investment for Cerberus–I wonder if that will change. Let’s watch out for that. #WTWOF

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New Glossary Entries: Stovepiping, Gaslighting, Dog-whistling

Stovepiping (also stove piping) is a metaphorical term which recalls a stovepipe‘s function as an isolated vertical conduit, and has been used, in the context of intelligence, to describe several ways in which raw intelligence information may be presented without proper context.. Seymour Hersh described John Bolton’s role in convincing George W. Bush that Saddam Hussein had WMDs as “stovepiping” in the seminal New Yorker article, The Stovepipe (

Gaslighting is a form of manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or members of a group, hoping to make targets question their own memory, perception, and sanity. Using persistent denial, misdirection, contradiction, and lying, it attempts to destabilize the target and delegitimize the target’s belief. This term came up recently in a Zerohedge article: The Gaslighting of the American Public Continues (

Dog-whistling or Dog-whistle politics is political messaging employing coded language that appears to mean one thing to the general population but has an additional, different or more specific resonance for a targeted subgroup. The phrase is often used as a pejorative because of the inherently deceptive nature of the practice and because the dog-whistle messages are frequently distasteful to the general populace. The analogy is to a dog whistle, whose high-frequency whistle is heard by dogs but inaudible to humans.

The term can be distinguished from “code words” used in some specialist professions, in that dog-whistling is specific to the political realm. The messaging referred to as the dog-whistle has an understandable meaning for a general audience, rather than being incomprehensible.

Binkley and I discuss dog-whistling in the context of some of Trump’s mixed messages in Episode 28 of the Propaganda Report (

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Keep Up on GA Legislature w/ Catherine Bernard

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Show Today 3-5:30PM ET on WSB / iheartradio/95.5fm/750am

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Show Saturday February 18 3-5:30pm ET

Is Michael Flynn a victim of the Deep State or an operative? (I know I said I want to stick to principles, but when the MSM starts throwing around “Deep State” I feel I have to respond!)

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