Political Shooter (new glossary entry)

I can’t take credit for coining this one and I must admit, though I saw the PsyOp brewing for over a year, I didn’t see it ending in real violence–and that is only beginning, I suspect. In today’s Journal, Daniel Henninger coins a couple of phrases, Political Disorder Syndrome and Political Shooter, the latter in reference to the man who allegedly shot up the Congressional baseball game practice.

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Saladito Perez Style – my pick for a Father’s Day craft cocktail

Propaganda Report

This is tied with the Crimson Birdcage for the best cocktails I’ve ever had, or at least ever made…

2 ounces mezcal (not rotgut but needn’t be super high-end sippin’ whiskey–maybe $30-35 a bottle?)
1 ounce honey syrup (add one part hot water to three parts honey, stir until dissolved, chill)
1 part fresh lime juice

Shake over ice, strain into coupé, dust with: 1 part finely ground sea salt plus 1 part ground cayenne

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From vulgarity to violence, Dumbing Us Down has turned to Decivilizing Us

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Charlotte Iserbyte wrote The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America and John Taylor Gatto wrote Dumbing Us Down–both excellent books addressing the purposeful program of excising the ability to recognize manipulation or to find fallacies in arguments. Since John Dewey replaced classical education with modern education (a process succinctly described in the Dewey chapter of this excellent book: Makers of the Modern Mind, by Thomas P. Neill), the ability of the American public to recognize being manipulated through mass media, education and political lies has plummeted, as has their ability to lead and influence as citizens in the civic arena. This process has been going on in earnest for a hundred years, but I noticed in February 2016–earlier if you start with the speech the launched Trump’s campaign–a new process underway through which we are being what I’m calling “animalized” or “decivilized.”

Trump’s coarse language and tactless approach…

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Emotionally Correct (new glossary entry)

I walked past a bakery recently and saw some outrageously priced coffee with some heavy marketing elements that said something to the effect that it was grown by desperately poor farmers who sacrifice their children’s food to give you organic, environmentally-friendly coffee (they left out “to fuel your hyper-productive, obscenely materialistic lifestyle,” but that would have ruined the vibe.) My thought was, “I hate emotionally correct products.” And so a glossary-entry was born 🙂

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“Thanks a lot Obama” and other hilarious things my 11-year old says…

My son asked me to buy a book on amazon and it wasn’t available for some reason. His comment? “Thanks a lot Obama.”

That just cracked me up. He goes to a super conservative school and he is exposed to the occasional extreme view, but he and his buddies find the humor in it when it gets ridiculous. I guess one thing they found funny was that some of the parents blamed Obama for everything that went wrong, basically, for the past eight years straight. I never noticed it before until his hilarious quip, “Thanks a lot Obama.” I can’t wait to use that myself!

That reminded me of his last great quip. We were watching a show together (the Odd Couple I think–honestly!) and I said Felix’s next line before Felix did (I’ve seen them ALL!) What did my son say? “The Illuminati strikes again!” Another great one! (What are they talking about at that school??? Oh wait, that one might be me!!)

Update: my son just told me while he heard the Obama quip at school his classmate heard it on the Internet. Oh well–the matrix strikes again!

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#WTWOF The Prison-Industrial Complex Booms!

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In June 2015 a very suspicious prison break with an implausibly lengthy manhunt was reported out of New York State. The story line held that a prison worker who met one of the prisoners while in the prison hospital developed a romantic interest in him and helped him and his buddy escape. This happened to be a similar story line to one from a show I had been watching at the time called Prison Break. I found this fishy and wondered if it foreshadowed an infusion of federal cash into the prison-industrial complex. Perhaps prisons would be allowed to deteriorate or escapes would be allowed or even orchestrated to justify spending money on that system.

I observed when I lived in Dallas that Cowboys Stadium fell into disrepair just as Jerry Jones was lobbying for taxpayer subsidies to build a money-printing colossus. The fan-base taxpayer-base support surged as the…

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Show today 3-6PM ET on WSB. What no one else is talking about: the true significance of the Comey hearing

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