Anthony Raimondo: Merry Christmas & Welcome Home!

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2 thoughts on “Anthony Raimondo: Merry Christmas & Welcome Home!”

  1. I always found it funny that people willing to question any institution of social control stop short of questioning the biggest one of them all, their religion; this is especially true of those who own an extensive library yet have never read, in its entirety, the field manual for their religion. The Bible explains quite clearly why the Roman – Catholic Church are hostile to contraception, and homosexuality; it expressly forbids both when it says a man shall not spill his seed, nor shall a man lay with another man. One of the few things I respect about the Roman – Catholic Church is its adherence to scripture while other churches fly the rainbow on their flagpoles, but your commentary on its motivation is only half true; while the Roman – Catholic Church may not concern itself with expanding its ranks, Christianity in general was when it was a fledgling religion. In fact, they were ordered to do so in scripture when it said that they should be fruitful, and multiply

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