December 2022 Newsletter

December Live Dives & Cocktail Parties!

I try to do a Live Dive! every Wednesday at 11amPT/2pmET, if my guests can accommodate, but times do vary. You can always find the Live Dives on twitter and rumble and usually also YouTube, facebook & rokfin.

Christmas Cocktails Conspiracy Party Live from the UK! Wednesday, December 21, 12nPT/8pmGMT

Christmas Cocktails w/ Joni, Buck & Bobby: Thursday, December 22, 5pmPT/8pmET

OBDM Mike & the Naked Gardener: Friday, December 2, 11amPT/2pmET

Iain Davis, part 3 of the Multipolar World Order: Friday, December 9, 11amPT/2pmET

Eric Buchanan on Populism: Wednesday, December 14, 11amPT/2pmET

Deepest Dive of the Month

Chewing the Fat with Fat Mitch: A Succulent Bite of Ancient Egypt

Check it out – many of my shows will be posted as podcasts on YouTube – for as long as we can keep one step ahead of the strikes…here’s a sample…

Featured Merch

I’m clearing out all my inventory before I have to move, so the stuff I actually have in stock at my house has to go! My stash includes Propaganda Report logo tees in navy, black & light grey in S, M, L & XL, Propaganda Report & DNB stickers (I’ll throw in a couple of these for every on-sale mug or tee order!) and white 11 ounce Propaganda Report coffee mugs. Click through for the tee & everything else right here.

Dive Master Interviews

Dive Masters are subject-matter experts or principled thought leaders. Here are this month’s conversations with them. If you want to find these and all previous Dive Master Interviews and only these interviews, click here.

Power, Hierarchy and Populism with Courtenay Turner, Part 1

Power, Hierarchy and Populism with Courtenay Turner, Part 2

Fighting the Good Fight with Anthony Raimondo, Part 2

Laying Down the Law with Eric Buchanan: The Supreme Court Cases that Changed the Country

Common Ground with Jeremy Kuzmarov: Flashback to Jonestown

Buddy Dives

Buddy Dives are my conversations with other podcasters on their shows, my show or as a swapcast. For a complete catalog of these shows and only these shows, click here.

Culture, The Fed and Global Hegemony with Kyle Matovcik

Joining the Union of the Unknowns

Family in the World as it is Today with Lanni and Chud

Jordan Peterson’s Rule 7 with the Mad Vixen

How are They™ curating conflict before the midterms? with Matt from Political Darkside

Deep Dives Index

Deep Dives are my original content a la the original Monica Perez Show on WSB where my superpower was news analysis. I take the biggest headline of the day or week and dive waaaay deep to give you everything you need to know to really understand the issue and more often than not, crack the code as to the agenda as well!! For a complete index of Deep Dives and only Deep Dives, click here. Below are this month’s Deep Dives….

It ‘Musk’ be a PsyOp? – Reining in the Information Ecosystem

As the Nation Watches High Profile Races, Ballot Initiatives Plant Seeds of Change

Is the Pelosi Psyop drawing an Iron Curtain across America?

Qoodles by Stella Q

Courtesy of the talented Propper from Down Under we all know and love….

Rokfin Posts

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Community Creations!

As you probably know from listening to the show this month, I did some traveling, including a trip to Ireland and England. We had promised each of our kids a trip of their choosing during high school and our special guy chose Ireland but we had to cancel because of Lockdown. Finally made it though, and while we were there, we had the absolute pleasure of meeting our Irish Propper whom you may know from the zoom parties. She even brought us Christmas presents and coined me the handle “Free Diver”–I love it!!!!! Of course, traveling with the elusive Mr. Perez, we had to have a cocktail-related excursion (as you can see, our Irish friend is a teetotaler–and a tea toter!) We did a Sacred gin-making and tasting evening–that’s me trying to wax my cork (I know – it sounds bad.) In the end, we brought home some fixins for a special Christmas cocktail as well as a gin I crafted myself–unfortunately, just in time to give liquid calories a rest after the massive weight gain from two weeks on the road.

Blast From the Past

Always knew there was something wrong with public-private partnerships…this was my first foray into the topic:

Public-Private Partnership is not a libertarian concept!

This Month’s Book Recommendations

Society and Sanity: Understanding How to Live Well Together, by Frank Sheed

This Month’s Glossary Entry

The Art of Ambiguity (new glossary entry)

This Month’s Cocktail Recipe

Caribbean Christmas

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