1 thought on “Joni & Monica tackle the Report from Iron Mountain”

  1. I have not listened to Part II yet, but even if “The Report From Iron Mountain” is a fake – its premises, and your interpretation of them are plausible; I recently read “The Vampire Economy,” which was about doing business under fascism in Nazi Germany. In it, the author made the assertion that modern – day bureaucracy has military roots; war is not in the best interest of the people. Therefore, in order to have a war – they must be made to sacrifice a peace economy for a war economy through a combination of taxation, and regulation; if that is not enough, they may even be made to sacrifice themselves through a draft, or starvation in the case of the people of Boston during the American Revolution. This is why it drives me nuts when I hear conservatives talk of a limited government, and a strong military in the same sentence; without the military, the government would have no need to exist; without government, the military could not exist….

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