Shane Cashman: From the Paranormal to the Conspiranoid

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1 thought on “Shane Cashman: From the Paranormal to the Conspiranoid”

  1. I find it interesting that your guest “knows” there is a god, but doesn’t know if there are aliens; it shows a person who is inconsistent with his beliefs, or simply makes an exception for his religion. There is no mention of aliens in the bible, so it makes no sense for a religious person to believe in them; most religious people will explain them away by saying what most people think are aliens are really angels, and demons. Appearing in the bible, these entities are an explanation consistent with their religious beliefs; as a person who believe that religion was invented by men to maintain control of women as we transitioned from a nomadic to agricultural society, I believe aliens exist. I believe it would be arrogant for us to assume that in a universe full of earth – like planets, there exists no other lifeforms that evolved as we have; however, I don’t think that an alien species capable of interstellar – space travel has visited us without making us bow to them

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