The Libertarian Immigration Conundrum with Keith Knight

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4 thoughts on “The Libertarian Immigration Conundrum with Keith Knight”

  1. It is always laughable when a fellow libertarian says that they would kill a trespasser whether it is you, or Shane Hazel; we are pacifists, and They would have to back us into a corner for us to come out killing. If this was not true, Their goon squads would not be so effective at keeping us from decapitating Their bureaucratic bosses 🙁

    • Are libertarian pacifists? In theory or practice or both? For me, I’m just so inexperienced in physical self-defense (or aggression for that matter) that I would be slow to act, but I don’t think I’d be wrong to act.

      • Yes, I believe we are in both theory, and practice; it is the authoritarian, conservative, and progressive, and not the libertarian who believe in using violence. They simply disagree on who violence should be used against, and what it should be used for; the libertarian, on the other hand, does not believe that violence should be used against other people to compel them to our point of view. Hence, it is the reason why we are the only ones who do not believe government should exist, or at least should not have a monopoly on violence; now that I have thought about that way, I guess physical security is an extension personal security. It would be none of my business whether, or not you used violence to dispatch a trespasser; personally, I could not see myself using violence for anything less than a burglary.

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