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Smombie (new glossary entry)

Smombie, or smartphone zombie, noun: A person walking around unaware of his surroundings entirely absorbed in his smart-phone. This seems to be a real problem in Germany where they invented the term. One town even put traffic signals in the … Continue reading

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Our Tax Dollars Destroying Jobs

The Wall Street Journal today ran a story about gigantic touchscreens appearing in hundreds of McDonald’s in California, New York and Florida. The article was about the technology and the implication, of course, is that we free marketers should rejoice … Continue reading

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The Übermorphosis Is Nigh…

As I mentioned in my recent article Über Alles, I have puzzled from the start over how Über could possibly penetrate the absolutely sewn-up transportation markets in New York and San Francisco without some behind-the-scenes power even greater than local … Continue reading

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Why Did Thiel Bankroll Hulk Hogan’s Lawsuit?

The award against Gawker in the Hulk Hogan case was so out of all proportion, one had to wonder what it was all about. The only possible explanation I could think of is that it was meant to get the … Continue reading

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People Puppets!

Just a few days ago, I called my ten year old son into the TV room where I was watching the recent remake of Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I said to him, “Look at this—it’s a CARTOON—a … Continue reading

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Are you a PreCriminal?

Predictive Policing has been in Atlanta since 2013… PredPol’s website says this, PredPol’s cloud-based software enables law enforcement agencies to better prevent crime in their communities by generating predictions on the places and times that future crimes are most likely … Continue reading

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The Two Pillars of Internet Freedom: Podcast of February 28, 2015 Show

Hour 1 Hour 2

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