Jason Purcell: De-Dollarization and CBDC


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– Jason is part owner of a new financial news site – The Lake Street Review – I don’t write much there but here are some links from when I did

– Nigeria’s CBDC


– SVB Failure Breakdown


– Financial Crisis Brewing in Korea


Barren Metal: A History of Capitalism as the Conflict between Labor and Usury

Hidden History: the Secret Origins of the First World War & Prolonging the Agony




1 thought on “Jason Purcell: De-Dollarization and CBDC”

  1. Personally, I think we have been in a recession since the bond – yield curve inverted at around the same time the price of a barrel of oil dropped; of course, conservatives did not declare a recession until after two consecutive quarters of negative GDP. However, progressives have been able to modify human behavior by declaring that we can not be in a recession because unemployment is too low; I think professors at Ivy – League universities will be lecturing their students about this propaganda technique for countless decades…

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