June 2023 Newsletter

What are you mad at ME for? YOU saw it coming!

Hat tip to LE, the best tile guy in Los Angeles…mitering hexagonal zellige is almost impossible but man, this guy CRUSHED it!

I’m amazed I got so much content out this month because I am moving. Not only moving, but fixing up an old house before we move into it. It’s a way bigger project than I thought, which is really funny, cause my husband saw it coming and I just had stars in my eyes over this cute old house with the bees in the backyard. He kept telling me it was going to be way more time, money and effort than I was estimating, and guess what…it is waaayyyy more time money and effort than I was estimating…so my husband was trying to give me flack about it and I’m like—”Hey, what are you complaining about—you saw it coming!!!!”  He is not following my logic on that…anyway I do think it’ll be worth it, but it’s taking all my time and attention and although I can still do guest appearances and host some interviews, I’m not doing as many deep dives as I’d like to. Once I’m in the saddle in the new digs, I’ll have an actual office all to my own which should improve productivity and sound quality. Well, not sound quality since the sound is fantastic (tyvm BP!) but it will be a lot easier to accomplish, we hope. No more corner-of-the-guest-room for Deep Dives & maybe I can even start bringing those Deep Dives to live video? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves…but maybe…at some point….

On another note, in addition to fixing up the house and getting out some content, my husband and I managed to go to the outskirts of Austin this month for a friend’s daughter’s wedding. Our first child-of-a-friend wedding and we were honored (though it defo made me feel like I was suddenly a generation older!) It was FANTASTIC! A country wedding is quite the white pill. Community, hard work, good values. Yes folks, this is still a thing in America!!! Of course, while I was in the area, I popped in to True Hemp Science and said hi to the absolutely lovely Iris and procured some #19 for a friend down there who has trouble sleeping through the night. (FYI, if you use CBD products, try truehempscience.com and use DeepDives for a free $25 bottle of oil for every purchase of $100 or more.)

Featured Merch

This is it! I’m moving this month! So the merch I actually have in stock at my house has to go! My stash includes Propaganda Report logo tees in navy, black & light grey in S, M & L, Propaganda Report & DNB stickers (I’ll throw in a couple of these for every on-sale mug or tee order!) and white 11 ounce Propaganda Report coffee mugs. I shut down the store, but if you want a tee shirt, mug or stickers, email me and I will make you an offer you can’t refuse!! monicaperezshow@gmail.com.

Dive Master Interviews

Dive Masters are subject-matter experts or principled thought leaders. Here are this month’s conversations with them. If you want to find these and all previous Dive Master Interviews–and only these interviews–click here.

Maryam Henein’s Journey of Truth, Health & Life

Courtenay Turner on the Milner-Fabian Conspiracy

Steve Miller on the Zuck Bucks Trend

Robert Frederick, Francis Bacon & the Kabbalah

Eric Buchanan on the Heyday of Supreme Court Activism

Parallel Mike on the Coronation: the Occult, Paganism & the Antichrist

Josh Stylman: Exec Producer of Anecdotals Shares His Own Story

Buddy Dives

Buddy Dives are my conversations with other podcasters on their shows, my show or as a swapcast. For a complete catalog of these shows and only these shows, click here.

Union of the Unwanted: CBDC, RFK, Trump & Tavistock

Highlight Reel: Hawk-IT Gets Personal & Quirky with Monica

AM Wake-Up

Deep Dives Index

Deep Dives are my original content a la the original Monica Perez Show on WSB where my superpower was news analysis. I take the biggest headline of the day or week and dive waaaay deep to give you everything you need to know to really understand the issue and more often than not, crack the code on the agenda as well!! For a complete index of Deep Dives and only Deep Dives, click here. Below are this month’s Deep Dives….

Top Ten Things You Should Know About the TikTok Act

Rokfin Posts

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Blast From the Past

I think this is pretty funny–especially toward the end.

This Month’s Book Recommendation

Back Door to War, by by Charles Callan Tansill. In June, I spoke to Keith Knight (you can hear that conversation here) and our discussion reminded me of this book I inherited (ie dug out of the trash) after my father died. My father served in the Navy in the Pacific during World War II then was sorely disillusioned upon reading this book in the early ’50s. This copy I have of his has his annotations and is a first edition printed not even ten years after he returned. The book is replete with State Department memos and other primary sources proving that Pearl Harbor as a terrible provocation through which the United States government including President Roosevelt made a decision to sacrifice thousands of innocent American soldiers with an unjustifiable act of war. To my utter amazement, this book is still in print, however, the first edition seems impossible to get, so maybe it’s been edited for later editions–I don’t know. I also scratch my head at the original publisher (Regnery Press), which I have heard has deep state roots, so maybe this is a limited hangout0–but you know what I say about limited hangouts? I get more out of them than they get out of me!

This Month’s Glossary Entry

Andy’s Razor: Anything that could be a CIA op is most likely a CIA op.

*Coined by Andreas Xirtus in reference to something Andy Rouse said on the Reality Czars anniversary special I was privileged enough to be a part of.

This Month’s Cocktail Recipe

Baltimore Bang

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