October 2023 Newsletter

Happy Halloween!

Not much to report this month so I thought I’d show you a picture of Mr. A.’s spiders. WTF?

October Live Dives!

Tuesday, October 3, 10:15amPT/1:15pmET: Steve Poikonen & the Third Eye Carnival

Friday, October 6, 11:00amPT/2pmET: Courtenay Turner: Tavistock 201

Monday, October 9, 1:00pmPT/4:00pmET: Eric Buchanan: SCOTUS Today

Dive Master Interviews

Dive Masters are subject-matter experts or principled thought leaders. Here are this month’s conversations with them. If you want to find these and all previous Dive Master Interviews–and only these interviews–click here.

Courtenay Turner: Tavistock 101: the Social Engineering Concept

Teace Snyder: Biogeometry, the Nameless Religion & the American Mind

Buddy Dives

Buddy Dives are my conversations with other podcasters on their shows, my show or as a swapcast. For a complete catalog of these shows and only these shows, click here.

Formulated Fednapping w/Weezy (a highlight reel)

Click here for the rokfin video of Monica & Weezy (full show)

Union of the Unwanted: Multiple Systems Failures in Maui

Union of the Unwanted: False Flags

Deep Dives Index

Deep Dives are my original content a la the original Monica Perez Show on WSB where my superpower was news analysis. I take the biggest headline of the day or week and dive waaaay deep to give you everything you need to know to really understand the issue and more often than not, crack the code on the agenda as well!! For a complete index of Deep Dives and only Deep Dives, click here. Below are this month’s Deep Dives….

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Introducing…T Time

Here is Mr. T’s paper on mRNA…fun to read, and to share! I’ll be talking to him over the next week or two on what all this implies–just in time for the Nobel Prize! Oh wait–too late for that. Maybe next year Mr. T.!

The mRNA Story

This detailed look at the use of mRNA in the Covid vaccines is written to help ensure everyone understands what was done by distributing an mRNA vaccine to hundreds of millions of people globally, and some of the potential consequences.  This is not about any other Covid vaccines or vaccines in general.  It’s very important to understand exactly what happened with respect to these mRNA vaccines, to understand the potential long-term implications, and to understand the impact on other similar technologies under development, because mRNA is only the beginning…..

The single most important thing to understand is that mRNA technology has been around for more than 30 years in research and development but it had never been used before in humans, ever.  If you don’t remember anything else from reading this, please remember that this is a totally new, never before used technology that is very different from all the other approaches taken for vaccines and for therapeutics as well.  It’s not just different – its fundamentally different – not like “apples and oranges” different – it’s more like apples and giraffes different.

So to recap, the mRNA vaccines used a completely and totally different technology that had never before been used in humans in any form.

When they develop new drugs, pharma companies are financially motivated to do four things: for the entire paper, click on the link below for the pdf to read, save and share….

The mRNA Story

Community Contributions…

Christening the new house with my first batch of bone broth!

Mr. A. has his first crop of mushrooms! Hen of the woods (my fave) and Lion’s Mane







Mr. A. also has some insane squatters…that caterpillar turns into a NASTY looking moth, and what can i say about those invasive spiders? Happy Halloween??

I guess it’s worth it, cause look what he can grow!!

A few funnies from Miss C! Uga is NOT looking very formidable! (Who’s that handsome trumpeter???)

Miss C also sent me the funniest pics of the whole month…apparently these two buddies went for a lark! They stuck together the whole time & were returned to their yard, no harm done!!

Blast From the Past

We did parallel sytems on UOTU this month but Gabriel Custodiet of the Watchman Privacy Podcast couldn’t make it…Here are a few clips from my first conversation with him.

This Month’s Book Recommendations

Deadly Deception: The Proof that Sex and HIV Absolutely Do Not Cause AIDS, by Robert E. Willner. The physical book was $600 last I looked, but here’s the pdf (h/t James).

Bastard Out of Caroline, by Dorothy Allison…I don’t have any recollection of this book, only that I loved it when I read it probably thirty years ago. I passed it on to my daughter and she loved it too so I don’t think I’m going out on a limb to call it a great book.

This Month’s Glossary Entry

Google Bomb

This Month’s Cocktail Recipe

Tequila Mockingbird

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  1. When I used to trail run, I once passed by a loose goat; it scared the crap out of me, but it minded its own business. I did not know this animal was a goat at the time, so I told people at work that I saw an animal with horns on its head; they thought I was talking about the ram on the dodge logo, and had a good laugh at that…

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