OFF THE RAILS BUT ON MESSAGE: the E.ast P.alestine A.genda

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  1. I was a Conductor Trainee for Norfolk Southern for six months and can tell you that derailments are so common that the railroad doesn’t even bother to clean some of them up; when you say depot, I’m assuming you’re referring to a yard. If the train was two miles long, it most likely would not have fit into the yard solid; the train would have to be doubled up from multiple tracks in order to leave the yard, which means that half the train could have been in the yard when it derailed. Upon exiting the yard, there would have been a defect detector that would have warned the crew to stop the train if there was a hot box; the fact that there was a three – man crew instead of a two – man crew leads me to believe that the third crew member was a Conductor Trainee who left a hand brake on, and that resulted in a hot box. All three will be railroaded for this:(

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