Come See Me & Meet Binkley!

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COME SEE ME! I have three big events coming up in April – something for everyone!

1) April 20th I am attending a luncheon hosted by the Cumming Civitan Club, a volunteer organization I am eager to help. No politics at that one, just how you can demonstrate the true meaning of libertarianism & individualism, ie personal responsibility, by giving a little of your time rather than expecting the government to take care of everything! Details to follow.

2) April 24th – I’ll be joining the United Tea Party of Georgia Monday, April 24, 7:00 pm, VFW Post 9143, 1045 Dahlonega Hwy (Hwy 9), Cumming, GA 30040

3) Saturday April 29 3-6PM ET I’ll be broadcasting The Monica Perez Show LIVE from a special session of Liberty on the Rocks at the Harp Pub in Roswell. Meet Binkley 🙂 Plus I’ll have an extra mic set up in case…

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Obama & Kerry BEGGED to shoot Tomahawk Missiles into Syria in 2013 but Congress wouldn’t let them

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In case you’re falling for the meme that if only Obama hadn’t been such a wimp and had taught Assad a lesson when he had a chance, Trump wouldn’t have had to do it, I offer you shows, posts and a sampling of other items from 2013 when there was a rebel false flag in which Saudi Arabia and Qatar supplied the rebels with chemical weapons (and Germany supplied them with the antidotes in case of misuse) and they used them in Syria against their own people. Despite the fact that it was a false flag, Obama and Kerry were BEGGING Congress to allow them to shoot Tomahawk missiles into Damascus (hawks in the UK were going through the same drill) but Congress didn’t even bring it to a vote, the American people (like the British) were so against it. We were right. It was wrong to do it then…

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EP. 35 – Trump VS The Freedom Caucus – What About Healthcare?

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CLICK HERE to listen to episode 35 of the Propaganda Report Podcast


Tuesday, April 4th, 2017 – Trump vs. the Freedom Caucus. Where does Trump really stand on healthcare? Principles vs Pragmatism. What will come of the new healthcare negotiations? Show originally aired on April 1st, 2017 on WSB 750 Atlanta

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Show Today 3-6PM ET on WSB – No Foolin’!

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Trump v Tea Party: Whose Side Are You On?

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On this week’s show, we’ll talk about the demise of Obamacare 2.0 and the continued in-fighting in the Republican Party…Has the Trump phenomenon been all along a continuation of the Tea Party or an attack on it?

You can comment here or on twitter (@monicaperezshow) or call at showtime 404-872-0750 or 800 WSB TALK Saturday 3-6PM ET on 750am & 95.5fm

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Über, Über, Über

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shutterstock_124831474.jpegPerhaps in retrospect it looks like it had always been obvious, but I remember the a-ha moment I had years ago riding in an Über–I even tried to buy (it was taken by a guy named Guber 😦 ) for the nexus of google & Über that I had foreseen as the gig economy was created only to be destroyed as Über drivers were replaced the world over by Johnny Cab…for my earlier work on this topic, see:

Über Alles…
Posted on February 23, 2016 

The Übermorphosis Is Nigh…
Posted on August 25, 2016

Today, though, the flags I had highlighted were writ large and none-too-subtly as the media reported a crash of one of Uber’s autonomous vehicles. The first headline below is just too “that-happened-so-we-need-to-do-this”–it’s the kind of thing that flags a false flag if you ask me, though simple opportunistic crisis-exploitation works just as well–mishaps on the…

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Weird Meme in “London Rampage”

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170322-london-police-officer-attack-feature.jpegThe front page of The Wall Street Journaltoday showed this picture, which immediately struck my as highly unlikely. Look at the picture. The story is that Member of Parliament Tobias Ellwood (the man in the suit giving CPR to the man on the ground) got to work waiting for medical personnel, but the picture shows that the man is receiving professional medical help as supplies are ripped open and in use. Clearly, Ellwood was permitted to continue being the main provider of medical aid to the victim despite the fact that an emergency medical team had arrived and was immersed in the scene. (I couldn’t help but be reminded of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld on 9/11 carrying stretchers across the lawn of the Pentagon, abandoning his post while the country was under attack and being lauded for it instead of tried.)

I showed my eleven-year-old the picture and…

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