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I took a poll recently asking if you signed up for the blog would you like to receive a new email every time I post something, which might be once or twice a day–most likely five times a week…or just get an email with new podcasts. I was happy to find that most people would like regular postings and emails. That’s easy – I will feel free to post daily–not ten times a day but ideally once a day on average. If you prefer, however, to be notified just when there’s a new podcast, you might be happier subscribed to the iTunes account than to the blog. Here it is:

Thank you for your help – someday I hope to be savvy enough to let you customize your mailing preferences but for now I hope this is fine.

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“I tried.”

Propaganda Report with Perez & Binkley

trump-shrug.jpegI had a friend once who used to say there’s no such thing as trying, only doing. I think he picked it up from seminars he used to attend. (EST I believe they were called.) It stuck with me. I stopped saying “I tried” pretty much altogether. You either do it or you don’t do it. You either figure it out or you don’t. “I tried” is a great way to stick to old habits and fail to accomplish goals without recognizing the cause that lies within you. It’s also a way to fail to accomplish something you were tasked with that you really didn’t want to get done. That said, it’s really not my thing to preach (I hope you agree with that!) and I think there are many ways to be successful (or better yet contented), but this particular perspective is relevant right now.

As soon as…

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Touchstones Trump Conspiracies

Basic principles are now more important than ever. Here are mine in one place.

Propaganda Report with Perez & Binkley

scratching-gold-to-test-purityThe Trump election is the most significant thing that’s happened in the world since 9/11, in my opinion. I think even the first black president pales in comparison because it didn’t actually change our course. Trump’s presidency might.

The interesting question in my opinion, however, is not, “How did he get elected?” but rather “Why did he get selected?” I’m not at all interested in discussions of “populism” or “nationalism” or “racism” or any of the blowhard psycho-social analysis of why people voted the way they did. What I want to know is, what does it mean that power brokers from the left like Jeff Zucker at CNN all way to the neo-con team on the right at National Review played into Trump’s claims of being an outsider who scared the crap out of the establishment, whcover_20160215_tocile at the same time giving him billions in free advertising to…

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Republicans Lobby for Basic Income Payment & Carbon Tax


Propaganda Report with Perez & Binkley

_89877107_235d896a-84a8-45f3-b4bd-5f3a2f063d24There is a certain elegance to the notion of the basic income payment. Of course, I hate it anyway. The idea is that people who can afford to pay taxes pay taxes and every single person gets a check from the government for basic necessities.

Let’s put it into numbers. Let’s say the governments of this country spend $5 trillion in redistributing wealth.

I consider much of defense spending redistributing wealth from the taxpayer to the corporations. The US spends as much on so-called defense as the rest of the world combined–that is not necessary for defense in “peacetime.” Let’s say a necessary amount would be as much as our ten biggest “enemies” combined. Also, I’m counting everything from public education to social security as wealth redistribution–after all, if you pay into your 401k or send your kids to private school, you’re paying your own way in this stuff and…

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Smombie (new glossary entry)

smombies-900x440Smombie, or smartphone zombie, noun: A person walking around unaware of his surroundings entirely absorbed in his smart-phone.

This seems to be a real problem in Germany where they invented the term. One town even put traffic signals in the sidewalks after several people were hurt and one was killed by a passing vehicle due to smartphone-induced oblivion.

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Nasties v Deplorables

Propaganda Report with Perez & Binkley

a8d2303bbf2a33f449ca0e3c1bf9460eI hate Hitler analogies & any reference to World War II as being the perfect example of everything that could ever go right or wrong in the world, but I also believe that right now some deliberate parallels with history are being orchestrated or at least attempted, from “populism” to “fascism.” Specifically, I can’t help but wonder if the focus on race and immigration are a distraction from the implementation of The Total Corporate State. If there is a parallel with fascism to be made, it’s this endgame that is the real goal rather than actual “hate.” But the “hater” thing is what’s got people screaming at each other right now, and it’s no accident. Both sides of this dialectic have agitation as a major goal seems to me. I call it Nasties v Deplorables, with examples Ashley Judd and Milo Yiannopoulos, respectively. These guys and…

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Question for those who do or who plan to subscribe to ….

I hesitate to “overpost” on this website so I don’t bombard subscribers with emails, but I don’t want to underdo it either. Please let me know what you would like best….Thank you for your feedback!


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