Salacious Haystacking

One definition of haystacking describes an assassination that is carried out through a mass-casualty event in order to mask the intended target (like maybe this plane crash.) I coined the term “salacious haystacking” for when a sex scandal erupts just in time to divert attention from genuine corruption, flooding the zone with lurid scandal instead of important news, like say, Monica Lewinsky displacing White Water, or even perhaps, layered salacious haystacking, which could describe Paul Pelosi, a DUI & a hammer-attack with possible homosexual overtones just as the Pelosi’s massive CoViD-era financial gains were coming to light. The example that spurred this coinage was Hunter Biden’s awful photos being the center of the laptop scandal instead of the shocking scale of influence-peddling the laptop’s emails revealed. Perhaps that revelation was even planned to happen through the dumpster-fire laptop so it would be drowned out by it. Salacious haystacking at it’s most diabolical!

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