Google Bomb

When an event takes place that drowns out any ability to search for a similar, previous event. I noticed this phenomenon long before I heard this expression. Here is my example. There was a cop in Paradise, California, who engaged people coming out of a bar in a car chase. When the chase ended in … Read more


The fires in Maui were disturbing on SO many levels…no need to exaggerate or invent anything–it’s bad–real bad and it only kept getting worse…and worse. When speculation emerged that the missing children had been trafficked for sex and their parents murdered or that only the disobedient escaped alive and may be being groomed for a … Read more

Andy’s Razor

Anything that could be a CIA op is most likely a CIA op. *Coined by Andreas Xirtus in reference to something Andy Rouse said on the Reality Czars anniversary special I was privileged enough to be a part of.

Basket of Irrationals

“Basket of Deplorables.” It’s a pretty jejune insult yet it entered the lexicon as a mantra on both left and right–the left as the insult it was meant to be, and the right as a rallying cry (which it was also likely meant to be.) Although I’m not a MAGA gal nor a Republican nor … Read more

Newsom Effect

Sometimes I vote. I struggle with the moral quandary of effectively validating a corrupt system, but I also wish to register my protest to the liberal-fascist center, and I think locally sometimes it can matter. I usually vote libertarian & occasionally I vote against someone I have a real problem with for a particular reason. … Read more

Party Ethic

I’m not at liberty to recount this story in its entirety, but I felt the phrase belonged in our lexicon so here’s what I got. Someone I know and love tends to burn the candle at both ends. He is great at his job, but is also tons of fun – a bit too much … Read more

Salacious Haystacking

One definition of haystacking describes an assassination that is carried out through a mass-casualty event in order to mask the intended target (like maybe this plane crash.) I coined the term “salacious haystacking” for when a sex scandal erupts just in time to divert attention from genuine corruption, flooding the zone with lurid scandal instead … Read more