What do Portugal, Ohio, Gaza and DC have in common?

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1 thought on “What do Portugal, Ohio, Gaza and DC have in common?”

  1. I pretty much agree with almost everything you said, and I can see why you would think the Hamas attacks were a false flag; it is very convenient for the prime minister that Hamas attacked, and unified Israel at a time when I.D.F. reservists were on the verge of mutiny as a response to the prime minister impugning the authority of the supreme court. However, I disagree that this is a false flag for the same reason that I disagree that 911 was a false flag: it assumes that those people would not have a reason to want to do that to Israel; after being held in a open prison for 75 years, I would be more surprised if they didn’t want to do that to Israel. Hamas probably felt that the internal division Israel was experiencing left the perfect opening for them to launch an attack, and they probably felt they had to take some action in order maintain the legitimacy of their existence to the Palestinian people; the failure of the I.D.F. to see it coming supports this…

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