February 2023 Newsletter

Deep Dives Premium Launched on iTunes!

As you know, Deep Dives with Monica Perez has been available commercial-free on your favorite podcasting platform since its inception, however, the time has come to start running commercials simply to breakeven on production and other podcasting expenses. It’s a privilege to have the option to put ads in the feed – monetization is the first casualty of cancel culture! – so I hope you don’t mind the commercials. However, if you simply cannot tolerate them, you now have an option to subscribe to Deep Dives Premium on iTunes for all Deep Dives free-feed content as well as bonus content, full archive access and early releases–all commercial-free–right on your podcasting app. We will also soon get subscription options working on other platforms.

The ads will help Deep Dives breakeven, but subscriptions will really put it over the top, so if you want to support the show, the premium subscription is the very best way. It’s only $4.99 per month AND the first month is free!

Many, many thanks for listening, subscribing and supporting the show!

Listen to My Mom for yourself & tell me if I sound like her!

Here’s a double header of my mom on hidden audio and me talking to Clint. I have it in the premium feed ’cause it’s only for lovers 🙂 but you can sign up for a free month & just remember to cancel if you don’t want the premium membership.

My Mom! followed by my buddy Clint of During the Break podcast

Upcoming Live Dives!

I try to do a Live Dive! every Wednesday at 11amPT/2pmET (this may change), if my guests can accommodate, but times (and sometimes days!) vary, so please check back here for updates. You can also check the platforms themselves–you can find Live Dives on twitter and rumble and usually also YouTube, facebook & rokfin.

Dr. Paul Cottrell on Gain of Function Research, Wednesday, February 8, 11amPT/2pmET

Featured Merch

I’m clearing out all my inventory before I move in the spring, so the merch I actually have in stock at my house has to go! My stash includes Propaganda Report logo tees in navy, black & light grey in S, M & L, Propaganda Report & DNB stickers (I’ll throw in a couple of these for every on-sale mug or tee order!) and white 11 ounce Propaganda Report coffee mugs. Click through for the tee & everything else right here. You can also find there Deep Dives mugs, which I love!!


Dive Master Interviews

Dive Masters are subject-matter experts or principled thought leaders. Here are this month’s conversations with them. If you want to find these and all previous Dive Master Interviews–and only these interviews–click here.

Robert Frederick of The Hidden Life Is Best podcast: From Shakespeare to the Dead

Dr. Paul Cottrell on CoViD & Cancer

Laying Down the Law with Eric Buchanan: The Populist Era

Common Ground with Jeremy Kuzmarov: MH17, Silencing the Anti-War Movement & More

Pasta Jardula’s Election Analysis: Spotlight Brazil

Anthony Raimondo: Section 230 & the Internet as Limited Hangout

Buddy Dives

Buddy Dives are my conversations with other podcasters on their shows, my show or as a swapcast. For a complete catalog of these shows and only these shows, click here. Note, most of the buddy dives will be premium content as a little something for your effort in supporting the show by putting it right in your feed, however, many of these shows can be found on the “buddy’s” feed.

The Marc Clair Show: Limited Hangouts & Other Fake Stuff (Deep Dives Premium content)

Monica & the Mos on How to Win the Battle for Man’s Soul (Deep Dives Premium content)

Jordan Peterson’s Rule 8 with the Mad Vixen (Deep Dives Premium content)

Monica & Hrvoje on Vaccidents, Crypto & more! (Deep Dives Premium content)


Deep Dives Index

Deep Dives are my original content a la the original Monica Perez Show on WSB where my superpower was news analysis. I take the biggest headline of the day or week and dive waaaay deep to give you everything you need to know to really understand the issue and more often than not, crack the code on the agenda as well!! For a complete index of Deep Dives and only Deep Dives, click here. Below are this month’s Deep Dives….

The True Agenda Behind Biden’s Housing Policy: Homelessness, Housing & the Globalist Agenda (1/3)

The Truly Hidden Cause of Homelessness: Homelessness, Housing & the Globalist Agenda (2/3)

The Delpi Technique: Homelessness, Housing & the Globalist Agenda (3/3)

Top Ten What-to-Watch-Out-Fors from Davos’ Green Agenda (1/2)

Top Ten What-to-Watch-Out-Fors from Davos’ Green Agenda, part zwei (2/2)

15-Minute City or Open-Air Prison (1/3)

Rokfin Posts

Rokfin subscribers get access to all Propaganda Report content including DNBs, DNB XRs, Deep Dives, Buddy Dives & Dive Master interviews AND access to the exclusive content of all the other Rokfin creators….It’s a lot of bang for the buck!

You must subscribe to Rokfin (here) to watch these videos or listen to the commercial-free and premium content on rokfin.

Blast From the Past

Who Really Killed MLK? The Best of the Monica Perez Show

This Month’s Book Recommendation

Leave Everything Behind, by Bill Craver. Get your mind off the worries of the world & dive into this page turner. (I helped edit it so maybe I’m biased, but I think it’s a great book!)

This Month’s Glossary Entry

Party Ethic

This Month’s Cocktail Recipe

English Breakfast Cocktail

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