May 2023 Newsletter

Easter Traditions

Bloo the Bunny celebrates Easter borrowing a practice we observed in Japan–holding your favorite fluffy–be it a pet, baby or stuffed animal–up to the sakura for a picture. Yes, that is my special son in the background–he absolutely insisted on hunting for Easter eggs…kudos to the elusive Mr. Perez for hiding some in a hurry.

We love Easter! To think, there’s hope for mankind!! Both as a religious holiday and an occasion for a family feast, it’s one of my favorite days of the year, if not my absolute favorite. The only thing that sells it short is that my nuclear family is small and we are far from home-base–we might get people to fly out for Thanksgiving or Christmas, but Easter not so much. We do make the best of it though.

Samson & Delilah smell bones!!

We start out going to mass and I for one am always moved most by the “good thief.” When Jesus promises him a place in Heaven that very day, I can’t help but rejoice–and feel hope! So when we were at an auction for my children’s former grammar school and I saw that a friend of my son, on Good Friday, had inked a drawing of Jesus on Calvary and put it up at the auction, we had to bid on it, and of course we won it. That’s it at the top of this post. Pretty cool, huh? It will go very well in our new-old Spanish Revival home. (More on that in a future newsletter.)

After mass, my husband starts cooking and I whip up–literally whip up–a batch of Ramos Gin Fizzes, which is unbelievably delicious and just as unbelievably fattening, so we get them once a year and that’s it. Ricardio (a pet name for the elusive Mr. Perez that emerged during the super-fun Disappearing Patron Parties of the early lockdown days) always cooks lamb and usually has the meat man take the bones out and wrap them up for me. The next day I make lamb stock and the day after that, Scotch Broth. Scotch Broth is for sure an autumn dish but we have it every April and it is oh so good–so good.

Upcoming Live Dives!

I try to do a Live Dive! every Wednesday, if my guests can accommodate, but times (and sometimes days!) vary, so please check back here for updates. You can also check the platforms themselves–you can find Live Dives on twitter and rumble and usually also YouTube, facebook & rokfin.

Featured Merch

I’m clearing out all my inventory before I move July 1, so the merch I actually have in stock at my house has to go! My stash includes Propaganda Report logo tees in navy, black & light grey in S, M & L, Propaganda Report & DNB stickers (I’ll throw in a couple of these for every on-sale mug or tee order!) and white 11 ounce Propaganda Report coffee mugs. If you want any Propaganda Report merch or a Deep Dives mugs (which I love), email me at

Dive Master Interviews

Dive Masters are subject-matter experts or principled thought leaders. Here are this month’s conversations with them. If you want to find these and all previous Dive Master Interviews–and only these interviews–click here.

Joni McGary Fighting School Mandates: Where We Are & Where We’re Headed

Common Ground with Jeremy Kuzmarov: Into Africa

Eric Buchanan: the Supreme Court Turns Policy-Maker

Iain Davis: The ABCs of CBDC

Anthony Raimondo on Immigration (Caution Libertarians!)

Buddy Dives

Buddy Dives are my conversations with other podcasters on their shows, my show or as a swapcast. For a complete catalog of these shows and only these shows, click here.

Noble of the CFR Network: Knowledge Wisdom Understanding (1/2)

Tithing Time with Noble (2/2)

UOTU: THEY’RE pissed at US???? Geez.

Our Man in Missoula: Is Your Town Next?

BONUS SHOW: False Flags & Psyops, a Survey with Chris Graves

Deep Dives Index

Deep Dives are my original content a la the original Monica Perez Show on WSB where my superpower was news analysis. I take the biggest headline of the day or week and dive waaaay deep to give you everything you need to know to really understand the issue and more often than not, crack the code on the agenda as well!! For a complete index of Deep Dives and only Deep Dives, click here. Below are this month’s Deep Dives….

Is This a Tempest in Trump’s Teapot or Is There a Storm Coming?

Rokfin Posts

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Blast From the Past

Soooo many people have been asking me about the Boston Marathon Bombing lately, I thought I’d post a one-hour overview I did a couple of years ago with Adam of the Debra Gets Red-pilled podcast…here it is:

Monica & Adam on the Boston Marathon Bombing

and here is the work I’d done on that topic over the years – many of the posts got gutted when wordpress took me down, but they are all still on the wayback machine – all but one that is….

Tamerlan Tsarnaev Was a Radical Islamist AND a Right-Wing Extremist? (salvaged version…for the original on the wayback machine click here.)

Dzokhar Tsarnaev resting comfortably? (salvaged version…for the original on the wayback machine click here. Scratch that. THIS IS THE ONLY ARTICLE THAT IS MISSING FROM THE WAYBACK MACHINE!)

How many Islamic terrorists marry into skull & bones families? (salvaged version…for the original on the wayback machine click here.)

Ibrahim Todashev & other fishy tales (salvaged version…for the original on the wayback machine click here.)

Tsarnaev’s CIA connections (salvaged version…for the original on the wayback machine click here.)

What really  happened in Watertown? (salvaged version…for the original on the wayback machine click here.)

Who is the man on the ground? (salvaged version…for the original on the wayback machine click here.)

Who is the naked man? (salvaged version…for the original on the wayback machine click here.)

This Month’s Book Recommendation

The Black Cloud, by Fred Hoyle. I haven’t read it yet but it is recommended by one of the greatest Proppers of all time, Sara Dirt. She says it’s great scifi if you need to unwind. Who doesn’t?! Can’t wait!

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