Newsom Effect

Sometimes I vote. I struggle with the moral quandary of effectively validating a corrupt system, but I also wish to register my protest to the liberal-fascist center, and I think locally sometimes it can matter. I usually vote libertarian & occasionally I vote against someone I have a real problem with for a particular reason. For example, I was horrified at the unjustified low-press killing of Anthony McClain by a Pasadena police officer. I say unjustified because it was never justified to me. I’d call it murder if it had gone to trial, but it didn’t and it won’t. So naturally, I was dead set to vote against the DA, Jackie Lacey, who made the call not to prosecute the officer, until….Gavin Newsom endorsed her opponent, George Gascón. No devil you know could ever be as bad as a devil endorsed by Gavin Newsom! Of course, an endorsement is supposed to do a guy some good, but in this case, I knew what I had to do–I cast my vote for Jackie Lacey whom I had known did something truly terrible in the actual office she was running for, based on the firm conviction that any friend of Newsom’s was an enemy of mine. As it turns out, I don’t think there has ever been a DA considered to be worse than George Gascón. My vote for Lacey proves out the Newsom Effect.

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