March 2023 Newsletter

Mommy Holds Court, Baby Makes Cocktails…

Enjoying her favorite–hibachi!
Is there ANYTHING in New York NOT made with gluten? I think not…but if you’re going to make the world’s best bagel, what else could it possibly look like but the flag of Ireland?! Oh wait…

As anticipated, I am knee-deep in family stuff right now…kids coming from and going to school, rotating with my sisters and brothers to stay at my mom’s house (we tried to get her into low-income assisted living and they said she was too poor and too old–not kidding!) But that’s okay because I, for one, love staying with her, which I could not do if she moved in with the nuns (yup, that’s the only place she wants to be–the place with the old nuns–this chick is one of a kind lemme tell ya!) Also, old friends are coming to visit from times and places past to pay homage to the Ancient One. It’s so funny–they take her hand and practically kiss it–can’t help but bow because the Ancient One is not getting up to greet anyone. One by one, with each new visitor, the ritual just emerges organically. I love this too because I’m seeing friends and faces from past lives–San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta, New Jersey–my mom left good will every place she ever visited me. Needless to say, I’m not cranking out the Deep Dives when I’m hangin’ with Mommy (as EVERYONE calls her the way everyone used to call me Baby–and some still do, even as I hand them a custom-crafted Old Fashioned.) If she’s up to it come springtime, maybe I’ll get her to come to a meet-up around here–now that would be fun!

In addition to my monthly trips back east, my younger son and I are tagging along (at his suggestion) on a business trip my husband is taking to Japan. I am NOT the best at touring so this will defo be a little hairy. Oh – and does anyone know the Japanese word for gluten-free? No? I didn’t think so….I’ll let you know how it goes….gulp….

Proud not to be Normie…

And finally, if this didn’t all keep me running…I have come to terms with the fact that (a) my kids are going to college–I wonder if all my “don’t go to college, buy a farm!” talk got them thinking “to go to college is to rebel”…IMO it kinda is around here, but whatevs…Libertarian is what libertarian does & that is first and foremost to respect free will…doesn’t mean I have to pay for it–that’s where the elusive Mr. Perez comes in. He’s a bit of a normie (which he thinks, thanks to my special son, means he doesn’t have Down syndrome!) Anyway, Mr. P. is pro-college and is happy to pay for it–provided he has a job, which he does–here in LA…so….(b) we are staying in LA at least for the foreseeable future….therefore…given that my lease is up at the end of the school year (with prejudice, to borrow a little legalese) and we have to move, we are in the process of buying a house.

I’m actually pretty psyched about this for a few reasons…

1) The house is adorable. It’s a Spanish Revival cottage built in 1930 with much of the original everything…as a cab-driving fan of Victorian architecture in London once told me, “It’s in the most marvelous bad taste!” Jk, jk…but the tile-work is a bit shocking at first glance. Anyway, I love it and consider it a privilege and an opportunity to take care of something with inherent value…It needs a little work before we move in, so I’m going to be busy for the next few months getting it ready for the coming invasion. Oh….and I nearly forgot! The house has a tiny vineyard in the back and….BEES!!! Already looked up how to ferment honey & defo roping Lanni of Greener Postures into this project!

2) As one of my sons said, “You put so much into house and home, Mom, you really need the fruits of that effort to accrue to the homestead.” I hadn’t caught that downside as a renter, but I do believe he’s right!

3) Being a home-owner once again gets me to have skin in the game and a seat at the table–to (half?) mix metaphors. Given that my main worldly concern right now is the literal globalist plot to restrict land use and property rights, I think I had better start having some first-hand experience on how this works and how to fight back…stay tuned as this chapter unfolds.

So that all is what’s going on in my life right now & as I anticipated when I gave up the DNB, I just can’t get as many shows out as I once did and as I will once again after I get resettled. The Deep Dives are the hardest of my content as it’s quite time consuming to identify the subject that needs exploring, do the research, crack the code and compose my thoughts enough to deliver it all with a good attitude despite the dark corners exploring a rabbit hole can unearth. So even if I can’t get Deep Dives out once or twice a week for the next few months like I’d like to, I am stockpiling some great interviews so I can keep learning, connecting and sharing!  Please stick with me! I’ll come back with a vengeance and once again fire-hose content nonstop, hopefully, come autumn.

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Upcoming Live Dives

I try to do a Live Dive! on Wednesdays, if my guests can accommodate, but times (and sometimes days!) vary, so please check back here for updates. You can also check the platforms themselves–you can find Live Dives on twitter and rumble and usually also YouTube, facebook & rokfin. My next Live Dive is Wednesday, March 15 at 4pmPT/7pmET with our old friend Daniel who cracks the code on crypto as per the uzh…

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Blast From the Past

Massimo Mazzucco on Big Pharma & the Moon Landing: video on rokfin

This Month’s Book Recommendations

The Milner-Fabian Conspiracy: How an international elite is taking over and destroying Europe, America and the World, by Ioan Ratiu (h/t Dean)

This Month’s Glossary Entry

Newsom Effect

This Month’s Cocktail Recipe

Defo going to put my bees to work 🙂


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