The fires in Maui were disturbing on SO many levels…no need to exaggerate or invent anything–it’s bad–real bad and it only kept getting worse…and worse. When speculation emerged that the missing children had been trafficked for sex and their parents murdered or that only the disobedient escaped alive and may be being groomed for a doomed rebellion I had to ask why this stuff was spreading like wildfire. I’m not saying it’s not true–it’s difficult to verify anything from this far away and with highly curated information coming through–but keeping us afraid is starting to seem to me part of Their plan. Scarespiracies are fear porn for the conspiranoid (no offense–I suffer from conspiranoia and it’s not cause there aren’t actual conspiracies!) Why? Maybe to keep us distracted from a true motive–perhaps something as banal as the clear land grab underway in Maui right now. Perhaps to just keep us paralyzed with negative emotion? Perhaps to speak into existence the scary thing we’re speculating about. I don’t know but I see it quite a bit these days & I’m dubbing these conspiracies, confirmed or speculative, as “scarespiracies.”

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  1. Are you of the opinion that a directed – energy weapon was used in this incident? I met a couple that thought that, and thought nothing of it until I heard NPR’s reporting of the incident; they interviewed one survivor who thought the media should be more respectful with their photography because victims were vaporized, and another survivor commented that there were sudden explosions. I am inclined to believe that we could not have used such a weapon with Russia, or China finding out about it; both countries would be all to happy to point out the hypocrisy of the empire handling them for Ukraine, and Taiwan while murdering its own citizenry.

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