Ep. 126 – Heard The One About Kamala Harris and The Knights Templar? And, The Real Reason Progressives Fear Howard Schultz

Have you heard the one about Kamala Harris and a group that claimed to be descendants of the Knights Templar? Plus, the real reason Progressives fear Howard Schultz. All on this episode of the Propaganda Report Podcast. Source links, videos, and images below.

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L.A.’s fake police case captivates, confounds – and captures Kamala Harris community liaison

Bizarre fake police force included Kamala Harris aide, prosecutors say

‘Masonic Fraternal Police’ Member ID’d As Calif. Attorney General Aide

Kamala Harris aide, 2 others arrested for allegedly running fake Masonic police department

Top hats and gold cuffs: the curious case of California’s fake masonic police force

Alleged Member Of ‘Masonic Police’ Dies Hours After Court Appearance

Case against 3 who ran fake police force collapses; phony chief dies

State Justice Department Employee One of Alleged ‘Knights Templar’ Impersonators

Kiel’s name is mentioned under the “Special Thanks” section of a 2014 report on truancy from Harris’ office

California Attorney General 2014 Report on Truancy Crisis

“Special Thanks
This report benefits from the counsel and support of the Special Project Team and many other contributors involved with the California Attorney General’s Truancy project. Thanks to the following individuals from the Attorney General’s office for their contributions to this report: Brian Nelson, Special Assistant Attorney General; Juan Rodriguez, Special Assistant Attorney General; Brandon Kiel, Deputy Director for Community Affairs

Masonic Fraternal Police Department

David Henry and Brandon Kiel giving Maxine Waters an award.
David Henry
David Henry with Bill Clinton and with California Governor Jerry Brown.
David Henry and Brandon Kiel posing in their Illuminati outfits.

The video below is David Henry claiming that a hit had been put out on his life by the detective that worked his and Kiel’s case. The description of the video further elaborates. 

In the video below, David Henry is asking for threats against him by the detective on his and Kiel’s case to stop. He says he reached out to the United Nations, Barak Obama, Maxine Waters, and Kamala Harris. He says some of this in the video. The rest is in the description of the video. 

Brandon Kiel Twitter Page

From 2011, A Starbucks pilot program will share profits of two stores with the neighborhoods they serve.

From 2011, Starbucks: Helping Communities One Cup at a Time

President Barack Obama has lost Starbucks on health care

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz donates $30M to U.S. troops

4 thoughts on “Ep. 126 – Heard The One About Kamala Harris and The Knights Templar? And, The Real Reason Progressives Fear Howard Schultz”

  1. one of the tactics explained in the circa 1802 payson “proofs of a conspiracy” illuminati book i sent binkley says that when an initiate is being groomed, tell the initiate a person of great wealth, power, or respect is a member of the illuminati. Even if it is not true, the nature of the organization’s secrecy will make it seem true. So that kind of explains how a these “masonic police” could have power tripped so hard as to claim jurisdiction over actual cops.

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