Ep. 151 – How The Media Exploits The Ignorance of The Public

Ep. 151 – How The Media Exploits The Ignorance of The Public BOOK – The Big Con https://www.thepropreport.com/ Thank you to everyone who has and continues to support the show. It’s your support that enables us to continue producing shows. Anyone who finds value in what we offer and wants to help keep this train … Read more

Ep. 150 – Created Persons & Face Jobs (Aired May 4th, 2019 on WSB Atlanta)

Political actors deliver propagandistic messages to targeted demographics that they have powerful influence over. This influence is often a product of a myth, or made up origin story, about that politician that’s been specifically designed to win the favor of the targeted audience. Today we shatter the myths of a handful of these politicians, including … Read more

Ep. 96 – DARPA & The Weaponization of Meme’s (Military Memetics)

A modern version of Operation Mockingbird is in full effect as yet another former head of an intelligence agency makes the media rounds. Plus, we analyze a DARPA funded study into Military Memetics that reveals the government’s scientific approach to mass manipulation through the use of memes. TUTORIAL: MILITARY MEMETICS BASED ON DARPA STUDY Former … Read more